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I am a job seeker looking to teach English in HCMC, I have a degree & a tefl certificate but so far have found the response rate of schools getting back to me in Vietnam a bit slow. I have applied for the major language centres such as VUS & iCan Cam but what is the usual turn around time and process for them to get back to you? I have also seen a lot of blogs that do advise for black people to remove their photo from their application as some schools probably won't proceed with your application because of this, is this true? I did receive a response from iCan Cam pretty much straight away but as soon as I sent my photo have heard nothing back. Does anyone have any recommendations or knlw of any schools or language centres I can maybe apply to?

Try Yola they are always in need of a teacher. Unfortunately it's not unusual for Vietnamese parents to prefer a Caucasian teacher over another teacher from another race. SAD!

Thanks for the advice

How has your search gone so far? I am recently in the search and have had the same concerns. I recently sent in my cv and whatnot to VUS. I have a CELTA colleague who said that he asked about this and it shouldn't be a problem for me. I still have concern. I know ILA is hiring and having a teacher shortage. Please update us.


Hi I've just applied to ILA and got made an offer pretty much straight away, so has my friend. I definitely recommend it to get your foot in the door

So sorry dear  but have you gotten any place to teach since then?

Davidemenike :

So sorry dear  but have you gotten any place to teach since then?

This makes no sense.  She just reported less than a week ago that she got a job with ILA.  Why on earth would you think she would have looked for another job now?

Sorry pls I saw that post after I have asked the question. Pls don't be offended.

Not at all.  I was confused, not offended.

Ok. That's cool

Hi yes I've been made an offer for ILA


Pretty difficult getting a job as a dark skinned person,IV tried alot. One of them said to me he can't give me the job because his students wouldn't want a dark skinned girl.I told him i,v taught in the USA and Dubai and Vietnam prior to this and my students had fun.Guess this guys are not exposed and so still practise racism,but for a few who have travelled afar most say the same thing.keep trying the provinces around hmc and hanio you could get something.look me up on fb and I'll send u a ladies link

Hey thanks so much I've been made an offer by a language centre but what's your fb?

I recently started with VUS and I've seen another black dude come in to sub classes here in Binh Duong. They are heavily recruiting. I think as of now, D12 is HCMC are the last available positions unless you are willing to come to Binh Duong or Bien Hoa. They pay housing allowance if you reside outside of HCMC. Great pay. You must be persistent. Follow up with emails and phone calls to the different centers. It's possible to find the work if you want it and are willing to work outside of HCMC. Don't wait for them to contact you if you apply online, follow up.

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