how is life in Bristol????

Hi to everybody,
my name is Adriana and i'm evaluating to move in Bristol starting from December 2017.
I would like to attend an english course to improve my fluency but in order to support myself I need to find a job.
I have several work experience ain procurement, account payable and expditing but I'm able to work in a restaurant, in a bar or in another place to improve english and gain some money.
Could you give some information? do you have any contact to find job?
thank you

how is life in Bristol????

Welcome to the site adrinc78 :)

Here are 2 links where you can search for jobs.

Expert Team

Hi. Bristol would be a good choice. It's quite a diverse and large city but far from London so for that reason prices and rent should be ok. In regards to jobs or are two good job sites. If you need any more information just let me know.

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