New to Expat Life - Needs advice

Good day,
I am a 42 year old professional and have never worked as an expat - so this is all very new for me. I received an offer to work for a large firm in Jubail. They are offering me a subsidy for schooling and accommodation.

If I accept, I will be going with my wife and 2 teenage sons.

My questions are:

1. Where do we stay? The housing allowance is not too bad, but what is the best option.

2. I see schooling is very expensive. Is it good to put the kids in school or better to home-school?

3. Are there lots of other South African expats?

Is it a good idea to go? So many questions.

Thank you. People I spoke to here (who has never been there) were not very encouraging. Saying that the Labour Law is harsh and it's not a good place for my teenage sons.
You gave me relief. The salary is about Rands86000 monthly in Sar. Is that good? Awesome news. I appreciate it

Thanks. I can't tell you how much this mean to me and my wife.  :)

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