Help Best Takeaways and Pub Food in Malta???

I often work from home and forget to cook.

I just realised I dont know this and planning to move to Malta, this cant happen. I need to move to an area where I can find convenient food preferably within 2 minutes walking distance thats good and reasonably priced.

Malta is also called the Pizza-Pasta-Grill-Country or Fast-Food-Paradise  :lol:
You can buy the junk crap almost everywhere and in case you are living more than 2 mins away from the next fat hut, they'll also deliver right to your doorstep.

I recommend deep frozen mixed vegs, they are prepared faster than it takes you to grab your flip-flops to head to the nearest pastizzeria.

lol I get what you mean. I was meaning good food not junk. Planning to avoid pizzas. I really do just forget about eating sometimes so a decent reasonably priced quality Indian or Chinese would be my preferred choice, closely Followed by a decent pub menu when needing to get away from my damn customers. Which just don't respect timezones

Food in Malta is almost universally great and dirt cheap compared to say the UK.

Just live somewhere populous and you'll be fine, food is everywhere, do what everyone else does and come here for a week and check it out.  These questions are not really possible to answer everyone has different needs.

I am flying in on wednesday seeing agents and maybe accountants and trying to find a suitable place to live. Going to have a hunt around for that week too got another project starting end of the month in France so planning to move over in November December or January

Staying in St. Juliens

NeverSimple :

Staying in St. Juliens

our first place was there too, got out as quick as we could its a total madhouse, and not in a good way.

I got a good deal on a hotel for a base and it won't be too mental I hope unless I choose it to be.

I was thinking maybe the North or South of the main island not sure yet. Will speak to locals on arrival. To get a better idea only been to Malta for work prior to this visit but Malta ticks a lot of boxes for me other places don't

St Julians is deceptive, you're close to everything but the problem is to get there you're inevitably on the wrong side of the worst traffic in the country and the climate and pavements makes walking hard.

I walked to a co worker place for 2.5 months, was a chore, and then they started building  one of the 100s of huge properties being built, constant digging into the earth 5 levels deep, apartment cracked and lifts broker it was so bad.

Moved to Mosta, was much better, now further out in Siggiewi and its perfect.  20 minutes by car to St Julians at the right time of the day, 15 minutes from my house to through airport security, no noise, quiete and lovely rural.

I do remote IT work, even here in the sticks I have 250Mbit down (though the island does not really have the uplink to make it work

Sounds good, I am thinking that the city will be my last option. Given what you can get for the same money elsewhere and as you pointed out the traffic problems I read about everywhere.

I was thinking about Buggiba but heard from a client it's mental in summer and ghost town in the winter so sort of put me off.

He suggested masaskala as a good alternative.

I also need airport access and both looked reasonable.

I work in Marine survey so travel a lot and have some consultancy clients where I work from home.

I live in Marsascala for more than 5 years now. Things are getting worst and expensive also here.
But still a good option for residence. Lots of space and nature around. Good air during winter.
You'll need a car or scooter to go anywhere else. busses are no real option.

Since 2 years the construction boom increased a lot. Noise and smell. I work from home and need to leave the windows shut most of the time - no problem during summer when using the a/c.

Rental prices almost doubled here within the last 5 years. At least you have a good variety of take away food.

And you can drive a car and park almost everywhere in the South. Actually, you can do so also in the West and North.

I think the prices may well have gone up significantly across the board I am not unrealistic and have a good budget. So should be able to get a good location and a reasonable property for my money.

What are taxi fares like from the airport forgot to ask that one.

Taxi fare M'scala to airport is about 20 Euro.
By car it's 15 minutes - with traffic 17 minutes  :)
Even the bus takes only reliable 30 Minutes.

Thanks I just need to get some euros out and hate getting them at the airport but this time unavoidable due to my route and circumstances this time.

there are a lot of take aways and you can most of them online … rAQAvD_BwE

Thanks I am gradually finding them trial and error is the way forward for me now

No idea where I am or where I am going

Life's good

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