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Hi guys

I have been in HMC for 1.5 months now and I live in D1 in the Da Kao area - so close to D2 and 3.  I've been trialing many gyms and classes, I absolutely loved Saigon Sports Centre (but it's in D7 and too expensive) and UFC gym in D2 (bit far and expensive).

There are a few gyms closer and less expensive, but they are lacking in HIIT classes.  I mean classes like bootcamp and classes that kill you haha (also tried Body System Experts, very good too).  The cheaper gyms tend to only have yoga, and the usual Les Mills 'body combat' and 'body pump'.

It seems that if I want intense classes like these, I have to go far (and spend a lot of money on transport) or the actual gym membership itself is extortionate.

I love UFC - the classes are PERFECT- but feel like I can't justify spending that much on a gym and then the GRAB bikes too.

I want the intense classes but also space to lift weights too.

Anyone have any suggestions?



Hi, I'm just curious, did you end up finding a place that suited you? If so, would you recommend it? Cheers

Swimming can be intense if done properly. :D Plenty of places here for that.

Hi Simone,

Did you find what you are looking for? Theres a thai boxing gym in D7. I checked it out but they only do the personal training type of thing, so im not sure how much it costs. I negotiated use of facilities only (no lessons) for 3.5 M VND fro 6 months because thats what I was looking for. The gym is brand new and they do not have many customers at the moment.

Theres also a small gym at Sunrise City central D7 on level 5 for 2.5 M VND for 3 months.
It includes all sorts of classes (small. cosy and also not very busy.).


He was my personal trainer for 3 months. Highly recommended, I got the results i wanted.
End result, 12kgs and 19 % body fat percentage.
He is based in D7 and will travel to you. His work does not require any fancy equipment.

If you put in the hardwork you will definitely get results as I did.


I'll moving to HCMC soon!
What's the Muay Thai gym called? Really want to take a few PTs a week!


Your own bodyweight is all you need.  You don't even look like you need to work out.  Just eat a good diet.

Try this: … uidelines/

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