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I'm 24 and from the US, and I'm moving to Brussels in two weeks to begin working full time. I speak English, decent Spanish, and I'm learning French right now. I will work on the Flemmish  part when I get into town.

I've been doing a lot of research on different areas to live in and I'm currently "pre-screening" for apartments to visit when I arrive. I was hoping to get some first hand suggestions for areas to look into or ones to avoid.

I'm hoping to find a good area for young professionals that has a good nightlife and restaurant/cafe scene. I'm big into cinema and music as well. Location that is close to public transportation is critical as I'm not planning on owning a vehicle for at least a year.

I have a pretty broad price range, so I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks for your help.

EDIT: This is for Brussels, I don't know why it was posted in the overall Belgium section. Sorry.

Hi and welcome on the forum Mayo5 :)

Your message is now on the Brussels forum. I hope you will obtain some helpful advices soon ;)


Thank you Armand, I apologize for placing it in the overall Belgian forum. I don't know why I did that.

No worries Mayo5 ;)

You should now have responses and suggestions soon :)

Best of luck

Anybody? I'm flying out this weekend it appears and would really appreciate some suggestions before I starting for places to live next week.

Sorry, I'm not in Brussels (and honestly hate it, lol), so am not familiar with the good/bad areas of it.

The north-east neighborhoods are somewhat considered better and quieter. Woluwe St. Labert, Woluwe St. Piere, Kraainem, Tervuren, are all nice and have very good public transport. It depends on your budget.

Thanks Melby.

Thanks for the suggestions WorldExpat, I'm looking into those. I've been considering Ixelles and Etterbeek.

I will be working in Woluwé Saint Lambert, so I'm looking there as well but I hadn't heard of Kraainem and Tervuren.


Oh, if you will be in Woluwe St. Lambert, for sure all the once I posted above are good spots. Just be ready to see some apartments that do not even have lights on the ceiling. From what Melby here explained to me, that is quite common. Either one of those 4 neighborhoods is very nice. If you could, try to stay around the metro line - #1. The metro is great and is so fast & easy to get to the city center. Next to the shopping center - Woluwe Shopping Center - there are few high rise buildings. They seam to have always apartments for rent. I have visited 1 of those and while the apartment was dissent, having to wait for the elevator to get to the 9th floor was somewhat of an experience on its own. So I would refrain from those high rise buildings just for that reason.

Thanks WorldExpat, I've been looking at the Metro lines and the transportation information, trying to get a better handle on it.

I expected that from reading all of the other threads about apartments and issues, it's just hard to know how accurate the pictures are of the area, the building, and the rooms without seeing it in person.

My price range is pretty broad, I would be willing to spend more for the perfect area, but obviously getting the most for my money is a priority. I've considered living with other people, especially being new to the area, but I think a place of my own would be best.

Mayo5 all 4 of those neighborhoods are I would say worth the money paid for rent. I would not trust 100% on the photos. Go and see yourself.

Location is best determined by answering a few questions.

Do you have a car or will you need public transportation?
Are clubs or pub important to you?

Living in Brussels: As an American I preferred Ixelles. This is the upscale area of the city. Night life is slow but that equates to a safe place to live. Good markets (Rob’s), shop  and restaurants. I lived near Avenue Louise and Blvd de Waterloo for almost a year. Keep in mind your commute time. Brussels has very bad traffic. If you are commuting to the north near Zaventem and driving, it can take an hour or more during rush hour.
Good luck

Thanks for your response Scofield, and sorry for a delay in a reply.

I've had some issues trying to get the Visa, but I finally have everything is arrived so I can actually go get the Visa then fly over there now.

I will not be owning a vehicle, so I will be relying on public transportation.

I've been leaning towards Ixelles quite a bit, and have done thorough research on that area. I'm not big into clubs, but I do love pubs and those types of hangout cafes/bars.

I've also been looking into Saint Lambert area, and Etterbeek, downtown Brussels.

Thanks for the advice and suggestions!

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