Registering a birth in Thailand

Hello everyone,

Have you had to or are you going to register a birth in Thailand? What was the experience like?

Who is required to register the birth, and where? Can it be either the mother or father?

What documents are usually required in Thailand?

How long does the process to register a birth take? Are there any time limits in which the registration must be completed?

Did you register the birth with your home country and how did that process compare? Will your child be able to have dual nationality?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


If the birth is in thai hospital, then the registration to be done at the hospital itself after the birth.
Usually the Hospital provides the registration itself.
Usually mother's details are sufficient for registration, but can also provide father's details.
In most cases (Thai Nationality) the documents will be the thai id card and house registration details.

If you are not Thai national then birth registration is little complicate.

Normally, Hospital, where baby born, issues a letter. That letter has to be submitted along with a form to Province authority of government to get name and birth registered with Thai govt.

Then that letter has to be translated in to english and has to be submitted to embassy of your country for the issue of the passport of the baby. when embassy issue passport, they will keep original thai birth certificate with them and embassy will issue new birth certificate.

hope it is helpful.

Not so fast if your child is American it can get a little complicated . If things look a little suspicious they might ask for a DNA test . I mean you a man having a baby at sixty five does raise eyebrows. Let's just say the United States Government goes thru more details not exactly a walk in the park if things look a little out of place.

i did this about 20 years ago for my first 2 kids. I remember there was a lot of translations etc for the South African embassy.  I really have the most helpful embassy of any country.  However, when my third kid was born, i realized that I just did not want to go through the head ache again. My 3 kids have Thai nationality and i see no reason for South African citizenship unless at some point that they may ask for it.  So far they are all grown up and nobody has once needed anything other than Thai passports.  I guess with European or US passports it may be worth while getting it done.

We are working on a family here in Thailand, We would be interested in any info or feedback from people who have experience in this subject .

Best Wishes
Robert and Siriporn :)

I have not ragrister birth in Thailand but I want to do it but how can I done it and I need your help

Isn't this a subject which should be discussed with your doctor and your embassy?

Asking my Embassy to answer questions involving of registering a birth in Thailand is not relevant to the subject at hand , I'm sure the birthing doctor can supply info but if the birth is in Thailand and your looking to register the birth in Thailand it's all about Thailand.

"Did you register the birth with your home country and how did that process compare? Will your child be able to have dual nationality?"

Asking your Embassy sounds relevant to me. :unsure

I'm only going to register the birth in Thailand , No concern for dual citizenship.
This holds true for myself as well stay citizen of USA and continue living in Thailand under a Retirement Visa.

What about the kid? What if the child decides they want to have dual citizenship? As I understand it, children of a US citizen must do so before age 18, and it is much easier to do so at birth via reporting the birth to the US consulate, rather than trying to get everything together later.

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