Registering a birth in Ethiopia

Hello everyone,

Have you had to or are you going to register a birth in Ethiopia? What was the experience like?

Who is required to register the birth, and where? Can it be either the mother or father?

What documents are usually required in Ethiopia?

How long does the process to register a birth take? Are there any time limits in which the registration must be completed?

Did you register the birth with your home country and how did that process compare? Will your child be able to have dual nationality?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Interesting subject. The municipality is drawing up a new regulation on registering of birth & marriage certificates for foreigners. Therefore, the current solutions is:-
- Hospital will issue a birth certificate.
- The government body which gave them their accreditation (Cert. of Competence) will stamp on the certificate (usual FMHACA "Food Medcine & Healthcare Administration & Control Authority").
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs will legalize the FMHACA stamp.
- If your country has representation in Ethiopia; they should then issue you a birth cerificate. (have a Sudanese friend who did this before)

Immediately go to immigration to get a visa for your new born.

Dear Priscilla,

Thanks for the question, however, I am unable to provide an accurate informative answer.

If I were forced to make a guess, I would presume that the hospital in which the birth were to take place (assuming a hospital is used), could direct you to the appropriate department, if not register it themselves, at the time of birth, in order to keep accurate records.

However, from experience, I have learned, to not make presumptions, when it comes to Ethiopian affairs.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.


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