In home (apt) area rug cleaning

We live in Alicante, City Center, and I have been looking for a company that will come to our apartment to clean our 2 area carpets.  I have found one company, but they indicate that they are too far away and do not know of anyone in my area.

Can anyone recommend a company or individual with the correct equipment to do this job??

I have also recently shipped some boxes from the States that will be arriving here in Alicante this next week.  I am looking for someone with a van or small truck to pick these boxes up at the shipping warehouse in Alicante and deliver to our apartment.  Does anyone know of an individual or company that can provide this service at a reasonable rate??

Robin Trainor

I guess you get 'freebee' newspaper in your area. They usually carry adverts for the services you seek,

Of course you may be taking a risk as they are not being recommended by anyone who you may trust !

I believe you may be referring to the Costa Blanca News.  I believe the most current issue will be out this Friday and I will most definitely take a look.  Good idea!!

Thank you for your post!!

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