Indonesian in Hyderabad found no means to transfer money to family.

Dear expat,

I am Jakartans, have been working in Hyderabad for more than 2 months.  I have found that Indian's government put very strong regulations to rule money transferring out from India.

I have found that no financial institutions (aside of bank) can send money out from India.  I have tried 2 big and experienced institutions which were Western Union (only receive money, cannot send out) and PayPal as well (to my surprise we can NOT even send money to US through PayPal).

While bank, have white list (I think it comes from government) of countries to which only, we can send money out from India.  And Indonesia seems not one of those on the list.  According to a Branch Manager of ICICI Bank, Medchal branch, Hyderabad, Telanggana: "Indonesia is not on the list of the countries, to which India can send money to."

But any how, we've tried to send from ICICI branch in Secunderabad, it has cost me INR 2,000 and since it can not go through, I've been charged for another INR 2,000 to "take back the money".  So total cost for not transferring the money was INR 4,000.

Just last Friday (Sep 1st 2017), I've tried to send it again, this time we used Citibank in Hyderabad, it cost me between INR 2,000 to 3,000.  But until now I haven't got any good news from Jakarta, so it seems the money will end up here, in Hyderabad again.

I have tried (3 x) internet banking Money2World, with different beneficiary banks in Jakarta, same it couldn't go through.

Now, my last resource is sending the money to europe or Australia or Singapore first, before sending it to Jakarta - Indonesia.

Hufh..... desperately asking to you guys.,.... if any of you have any clue or experience (for the last 5 months) how to transfer money to Indonesia, before I implement  the last resource ?

Why 'the last 5 months' ? because Indians finance regulation has changed recently (that's what I am told), to cope with money laundry attempts, terrorists and other issues.  So the regulations now (I think) really block the money transferring out to Indonesia.

Please welcome any comment or advice.  And many thanks for even reading this.


I know a lot of regulations are in place for the reasons you stated above.
This is a shot in the dark possibility but look at these. … -card.html

If the card is is in Indonesia but you paid it via an Indian bank, the funds would be available for use at any time.

Only a possibility so it could well be a dead duck of an idea.

Things have gone upside down even for local Indians in the last 5 months.

I checked on ICIC bank's website. Usually these private banks keep their info quite up to date. I couldn't find any mention of ''white list'' or ''black list'' of countries where funds can (or can't) be transferred.

In fact, if you are working legally (with proper work permit or visa), no Govt. in any country can stop you from sending your lawful earnings back home. In some countries they may put a cap on the maximum outward remittance etc., but they can't entirely stop  you from sending your money back home.

Check this link. ... scroll down to the bottom part (Documentation for Foreign Nationals)
Outward remittance - ICICI

Also, since you said ICICI remittance bounced back (after a few days) and Citi too is going the same way, make sure you are putting the correct SWIFT codes etc. of your beneficiary bank in Jakarta. Sometimes, money is routed through multiple intermediaries located in multiple countries.
Anyway, I don't think that's the case  here. Banks usually confirm the Codes before initiating the transaction.

If your salary slip/s and work visa are in order, you may seek advice from Indonesian Mission in India.

Try to use It may work.

This is strange.. How can govt stop a foreigner sending money outside India..
They need to bring hard earned money back to their country.. I asked few friends and they said that they can transfer money using SWIFT.

There is one more option of applying for FOREX CARD. Load it with money and then go to your country and withdraw from ATM. But you might end up losing good amount of money as exchange rate would be poor  + charge on every cash withdrawal..

Hi Senwl,

Thanks for your comment and advise.  Regarding the white list and/or black list, It is not literally said as black or white list.  But what happened was, we went to the bank, said that I wanted to transfer money to Indonesia, they checked something on their computer, and then came back and said, "oh sorry, we can't send money to Indonesia !" and this happened to three branches of ICICI bank in Hyderabad.  So what what would we say that ?  They checked some list, and said they cannot send money to Indonesia.  Well, whatever the list was, it was excluded Indonesia as  a country to which they can send money.
Regarding the swift code I wouldn't be worry, cuz' I've sent money several time from Oman, Tokyo and Netherland, and it's gone trough.
And thanks for your idea about Indonesian mission.  I was about  to call indonesian embassy in Delhi, as well.

Thanks and regards,

Thanks Fred, Senwl, MJayanti and Prashant, I appreciate your warm attention, helps and information.  I should've told you that the money with Citibank was able to go through Jakarta, Indonesia.  It got Jakarta on Sept 08.
But I cannot do transferring through that CIty bank all the time, because it was my friend account I used, just promised for one time use only.
But still I don't understand how ICICI bank and other local banks cannot do this.  I am going to SBI and have call to Indonesian embassy first thing tomorrow.
I'll share to you what will happen next.

@ estilo

First, good to know that you could finally send your money back home.

I'm afraid, unfortunately your suspicion about a sort of 'black list' is correct and its root extends beyond the border of India.

As of Feb 2014, Indonesia is in the list of those countries that "have not made sufficient progress in addressing the deficiencies or have not committed to an action plan" according to FATF ... and hence, still in the list of "Non-Cooperative Countries or Territories" (NCCTs) of FATF blacklist.
Link: FATF blacklist

The Financial Action Task Force (on Money Laundering) (FATF), also known by its French name, Groupe d'action financière (GAFI), is an intergovernmental organization founded in 1989 on the initiative of the G7 to develop policies to combat money laundering. In 2001 the purpose expanded to act on terrorism financing.   
-- source: Wikipedia

That said, RBI's FEMA notification (as on July 1, 2004) clearly prohibits any direct or indirect outward remittance to NCCTs.
Link: Reserve Bank of India
(scroll down to #37)

Your best bet is to take up this issue with Indonesian High Commission in New Delhi and seek their advice.
As you can see FATF is an international body and hence you may need special approval from the Govt. level for a hassle-free remittance.

As a side note, if you're planning to work in India for a year or more, you better apply for a PAN card.
PAN card for foreign nationals

Even if that FATF issue is sorted out, you will still need a PAN for regular outward remittance from India under the "Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS)".

Hope you find these information  useful. 
Better discuss this issue with concerned authorities in the Embassy of Indonesia, New Delhi, at the earliest.

*RBI - Reserve Bank of India
*FEMA - Foreign Exchange Management Act
*PAN - Personal Account Number (for income tax)

Further to my previous post ....

It seems FATF has dropped Indonesia from their NCCT list in 2015.
It's not clear whether RBI has amended their FEMA policy  in 2016 or later to allow remittance to Indonesia or not. I couldn't find any information on that.

You can also visit RBI branch in Hyderabad to get a more specific update on FEMA regulations and discuss your problem with them, if you want.
After all, they are the ones in charge.
Good luck!

Langsung aja ke bank ..jika Ada employment Visa...stay permit Dari frro..salary slip 3 months Dan copy adhar card serta copy pan card

CKLiem :

Langsung aja ke bank

Please use only English so all members can understand.
Thank you


I'm from Malaysia. I'll be settling in India over the next 1.5-2 years. I have a family back in Malaysia. I wanted to know which would be the best way to send money back home? I tried to look through the web, but couldn't find anything significant. Can someone help me out please.

Thank You

Dear tarun,
Did you try Xoom will more help to send money online. you can send 10000 USD easily
Need any more help then inbox me

Hi Pak,

Apa khabar 😄, I was living in Jakarta for nearby 2 months and I have faced the same situation as you have faced. My friends from here ( Bengaluru) wanted to send me money as I was in emergency of money, but none of the places or service was about to send money. So I have decided to go to online portals .
You can try
It's an Australian money transfer platform where you will be charged little money ( not at all ₹2000 and all.. Just ₹200 to ₹500) and the person to whom you send should be able to produce his identity. So I could send it and it will reach you by within a week max. I am trying to find some other way too.


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