Project Manager looking for work in Phnom Penh from October

Hello Expat Community,

Currently I am still working in Germany as a project manager for a market research agency. I will be in Cambodia from October, looking forward to a personal and professional change.

With nine years experience in project management, I am skilled at... 
proposals / controlling
qualitative and quantitative surveys
analysis and visual reporting
coordination and supervision of internal and external suppliers
presentation of project results

I speak German (native) and English (near native) as well as French and Japanese. Rather than continuing on in market research, I am interested in positions either at NGOs or in industries in the private sector where I can put my acquired skills to work.

I'm grateful for any ideas or advice, hopefully I'll get to meet some of you soon.


Keep an eye on Development aid for NGO positions in Cambodia, those are advertised frequently.

Thanks, these are actually positions that are most interesting to me and I have been sending out some applications!

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