Indian worker can go to Singapore from Malaysia

I need details. I m indian passport holder.currently working in Malaysia with employment pass. I got new job offer from Singapore. And approved s pass.  Now i go direct from Malaysia to Singapore. ? Or go back india then go to Singapore. Need to cancel present malaysia employment pass.i worried Malaysia employer not allowed to go Singapore.i hold my passport .i can run? I have spass visa approved letter(IPA). Anybody give me idea. Very urgent.

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Priscilla  :cheers:

You can come from Malaysia, where currently you are working under a legal EP. No need to go back India then come here.

Secondly, if S pass is approved then did you get your in-principle approval (IPA) letter? If yes, then you can travel to Singapore.

Thirdly, why does your present employer won't allow you to come here? Did you serve termination notice period (if applicable) in your existing company? Don't run here, anything illegal or breaking agreement at existing employer in Malaysia would only complicate things here (including possibility of MoM cancelling S pass, come with clean record). Good luck.

Ok tks all.

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