Does anyone know a reputable Electrician in Medellin

Hello all. I need to have ceiling fans installed and a few light switches reconfigured. Anyone know someone I could talk to? I speak enough Spanish to tell them what I want. Thanks

Yes I do.  Just had the entire house updated.  Vincente did a great job and fair price.  Are you on WhatsApp?  My WA is ***


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Thanks Jaime. I'll give you a call. Which barrio are you in?

I am  in the mountains 20 min above San Cristobal on a quaint beautiful farm.  WhatsApp is the best way.

In addition to needing a good electrician I would like to ask where you found ceiling fans? I've spent hours searching and can't find very much. I know Homecenter sells them but selection is pretty poor and prices are basically double what they are in the US......for the same brands and models.
I've come to the conclusion that I might as well buy them in the US and carry an extra checked bag on the return trip as I'll have more choices and the cost is still less than in Colombia.
If you've found a good source though please let me know.


ceiling fans.... I know Homecenter sells them but selection is pretty poor and prices are basically double what they are in the US...


Keeping cool in Medellin during the hotter weeks is important in buildings that don't get a favorable cross-breeze during the daytime or that remain warm at night.

It'd probably be worth it to many Expats to pay more than USA prices for a ceiling fan, which IMO is an excellent solution for such units in such buildings.

The store that sells the ceiling fan should be able to hook you up with an installer.

If the salesperson draws a blank, attempt to get in touch with the manager and/or the owner.  When they understand your business with them depends on a referral, you should be able to get one in stores that offer these fans.

cccmedia in Departamento de Nariño

Hi Steven c1a,
I haven't been on here in awhile but I wanted to let you know where my fans came from. Someone gave these heavy duty fans to me in SC. I drove them to Miami and had an excellent shipper ship them to my door. They almost beat me home, in 2 days they were at my door. I had four shipped at a cost of $94. I am installing only 2 when I return in December. I still have one that needs to be refurbished. You are welcome to it if you want to find someone to refurbish it for you. They need paint and a little straightening but they are very sturdy and can be used outside even. Good luck


Thanks for that offer!
I actually ordered 2 fans in the USA and am bringing one with me this Tues. in a checked bag. The other will come next trip.
I found a very similar fan at Homecenter in Medellin and the price wasn't a lot more but they only had antique brass color and I didn't want that.
This is part of the issue I've found is the selection is pretty limited and prices can be 30-75% higher than in the US.
I needed smaller fans as they're for a couple of bedrooms.


I do have a handyman coming to see the work I have on Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully he'll be able to do the stuff within the next week or so.

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