Advice please

Hi, my partner and I have had long running issues with our neighbor, long story short, the police here in Malta wanted rid of me and my complaint, and said all I could do was take him to court, this I agreed to, as he has been constantly harassing us over non existent noise.
He was contacted by the police and told of my intentions, and he then said he wants to take me to court.
We now have a court date through for the end of the month, and have no idea what we need to do, does anyone have any advice please, e.g. Do we require a solicitor, and what can happen to us.

Thanks in advance

I would be tempted to go and see a local Notary and ask advice as to what to do. A short exploratory consultation will not normally cost a lot. We paid about €20 for a short meeting and a few signatures.


Thanks for your reply, wish I hadn't gone to police now, but really had enough of his nonsense.
Heading back home for good in December, so really don't need a huge bill for basically nothing.

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