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Hello, I recently returned from a year in Thailand working for a government school. Very keen to return to Asia in June. Any help with websites that offer jobs for teachers.


There are hundreds of ESL teacher websites. I can post a few of them here. Probably the most popular is "daveseslcafe.com". It has has hundreds of job postings for literally every country on earth that needs ESL teachers. It has separate job boards for Korea and China. Another website specifically for THailand is "ajarn.com", which you may already know, having taught in Thailand. Another is "esljobsworld.com". You can google up hundreds more.  I worked previously in Thailand and Taiwan. For money, cost of living and central convenient location, you can't beat Taiwan. And Taiwan is only a 4-hour flight from THailand, so you can fly back often to look up old friends. Just my personal opinion. Anyway, those websites will get you started. Best of luck.

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Any specific country in mind where you are keen to go?


Thanks Dave will certainly have a llok see. Yud I want to go to Cambodia and more especially Pnom Penh. Think good value and good food with a very similiar Bhuddist culture. Any advice oor point to note.

Thanks Suraj
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For jobs in Cambodia, particularly Phnom Penh...check out bongthom.com That has job listing and apartments etc. Or just email some schools directly, plenty of them here and teaching jobs aren't hard to come by.

Hi above websites are the best plus tefl.com

Do you have a degree? Celta? If you want to work overseas long term you need qualifications. There seems to be increasing numbers of people trying to escape the west so need to be competitive.

I taught in Thailand for two years then returned to UK to qualify as a teacher - did a PGCE and with two years experience I can earn 2-3 times a tefl salary so might be worth you considering if you like teaching. Even just doing a pgce helps a lot, but I reccomend that anyone doing one should do the probationary year at least.

Good luck

hi I am a Belgian working with Unesco living near Calcutta &
personally well connected to BHUTAN which is searching qualified teachers - a Masters is a minimum - 3 years of experience required - teaching is also for higher standards from Standard 10 onwards

there is a probationary one - year period - just reply if you are interested , except 1st week of June ( professional trip to NEPAL isolated rural places )

good luck anyway!

i am interested in a teaching job in singapore or the philippines. 
I need help please

unfortunately I am bot involved in Singapore and Philippines , though about Singapore that could happen in near future , so pls state your citizenship, qualifications & interest ? I ll keep it in mind

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