Belgium Professional Card

I am interested in moving to Belgium and applying for a Belgium Professional Card and have a couple of questions.

I can't find a detailed tax calculator on the internet, can somebody give me a breakdown if I was going to earn about EUR 6000 - 7000 a month?
This is all the company taxes, etc, etc...

I did find all the different brackets, but don't want to guess.

Is it difficult to get the Professional Card?
And with the Professional Card, can I work anywhere within the EU, what is the limitations?

Or is it just better to visit Belgium on a Job Searching Visa and get somebody to sponsor a Blue Card?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated on this

As what I have learned on my integration course if you earn these salaries per year:
40,000- 45,000 (50%), 25,000-35,000(45%) ,15,000-20,000(40%), 10,000(30%),0-5,000(25%). You can also visit this website for more information. I have a printed paper here but it's quite a lot to mention but this info was from this website.

yes that 50% tax bracket is a killer


Hi since you were asking for exact figures, you can try In my case it is almost accurate with +/-50 euros per month

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