Wondering if anyone knows any good hospitals

Basically my wife is pregnant and I'm wondering can anyone advise me on the best hospitals on where I can take my wife to get her regular check ups

Check out for Mostaqbil hospital here is the link below of that hospital.



You have great hospitals in Jeddah.
Without much conflict of interest, you have Saudi German Hospital (great service), soliman fakeeh hospital, and others. Then it depends also on the obstetrician.
Lastly it will depend on the proximity with your living area.


dr A.B

   Thanks will check out both hospitals

Hello. My father is a cardiac patient and needs regular cardiologist checkups in my home country. I can get similar checkups on my insurance here. Please advise good hospitals specifically with respect to their cardiac facilities. Is Saudi German hospital good in this regard?

go to any hospital nearest to where you  are residing

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