Belgium salary increase


I received an offer to work in Belgium of 83000 gross salary per year. FirstI would like to know where this salary ranks, if this will ensure a good quality of life in Brussels, and what will be the net amount in my pocket.

I assume that salary are increased by law every year of a certain percentage, what would be in average the increase per year?


There was an interesting tool on the cnn money website for that. You can try the link below, but that sort of salary is about 224% of the average annual gross salary for belgium (which is 37k according to that website). … index.html

This type of question keeps getting answered on this website, and the answer is always saying that your monthly net is dependant on your situation: if you have children for example, if you receive 13.7 or 13.91 months of pay per year, if you have other tax deductible benefits and so on. Roughly, you can expect a minimum of 3500 per month. But there are online calculators which will give a better idea.

But for the annual indexation, I cant remember what it is or if it is a legal obligation for companies to follow.

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