looking for a child to adopt

as of now i am planning to adopt a child boy or girl

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How can I adopt a baby? Could help me? Thank you.

Are you in Saudi Arabia?

Visit frequently in clinics or hospitals. Get contacts and and make some friends in the delivery sections staffs in hospital. Sometimes, some illegal/unmarried or illegitimate pregnant woman will deliver her baby in hospital and then she will beg the staffs to adopt her baby because she must be legal or else the authority will catch her.

Then, if you find. you can ask the staff or their manager and they will prepare some documentation for you and you will put on the birth certificate or other papers that you are the mother of baby. Sorry for my english.

These happens many times in Saudi. i know someone like this

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Hi. I’m looking to adopt a child in Saudi Arabia. Any help would be appreciated.
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can you help regarding subject mention matter please. I am also in-need.



Can anyone post here the process; how to adopt in KSA

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