What does this salary mean?

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Maybe people already asked it, but let me do it again please.
I am looking for jobs in IT / engineer fields. They always mention the minimum wage in the job description. For example: "Wage starting from EUR 50,000 gross,  according to the applicable collective bargaining agreement"

My question is, how much I can raise basically? For eg. with 3 years experience, does it make sense to require 60000 (in case the minimum is 50000)?


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A lot of the time it depends on the location, but it all get hammered out in the interview over negotiations.

You might find THIS of some use as well.

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For software developer with 3 + years - definitely you can ask for 60  as an entry level.
I received at least almost  +30% plus from the 'applicable collective bargaining agreement"

Hi HZS 90!
Austrian wages are dictated by a Kollektivvertrag- a joint agreement with the relative union and the employers. Yes there is an increase in years of experience, and you would need to research exactly what the Kollektivvertrag says about your experience in engineering. Links are available via the AMS website  or the Arbeitskammer. Translations may NOT be available  in english, and you will be expected to be fluent in technical German in the job, with English an advantage for international contracts. Companies will only accept open offers if they are deperate for your skills, otherwise will expect to pay the minimum according to the Kollektivvertrag. Companies too have enormous hidden costs with health insurance and taxes on wages. Surprised you were quoted gross instead of net. Good luck, Rod

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