Urgent help :Tourist Visa rejection due to security reason

Hello Guys
I live in Uae but due to visa issue had to do an in out from uae to get new visa .
I had overstayed for 3 years due to sponsorship issue .(my sponsor were my parents n they both passed away)
I paid all my fines and exited using outpass.I evoked getting any ban by paying all due fines
Now when I trying to return on tourist visa I am rejected for security reasons
My agent inquired and cleared the security issue for three of the four of us from immigration thereby making three of us eligible for visit visa.
However when he reapplied for the three cleared ones , it was rejected saying "Document Required"
My agents says that because in UAE immigration we were under one sponsor hence under one file so the pending security work of one of the four is preventing the rest from getting visa ..
I am in dilemma and cant understand why despite being clear just that I am under one file I am repeatedly rejected ..
Can u guys throw some light on truth of this fact
Is there any way the three cleared ones can come to UAE ..


I am an engineer and working here for over 14 years. My mother comes to me time to time but last month her visa got rejected due to security reasons when applied through an agent in sharjah. Then i applied again under my sponsorship from dubai. but again rejected due to the earlier rejection from sharjah. Dont know how to clear this. Please help.

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