Looking for someone living in north sydney

Hi expats,

My name is Yvonne and i live in Zimbabwe. I'm looking for someone living in North Sydney i need some assistance.

Perhaps you could detail your needs in the hope someone might be able to help you.

Thank you Fred.

Actually i applied for a job as a retail manager in North Sydney with visa sponsorship. They replied to me and said they can't process it if i reside outside Australia but they can if i have a relative/friend who lives there.

They want a representative who can be a friend of mine who can visit their offices to start the process.

The problem is that i don't know anyone in North Sydney. So i'm worried now over what i should do.

This sounds very odd.
Perhaps you should start by making sure the company is real.

Yes i did they have a website and a physical address in North Sydney. They do job placements for other companies.

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