We are moving to Mauritius next month and I would like to bring my four year old 1200cc BMW motorcycle with me . So far I was not able to receive any definite yes or no. Would anyone be able to share his/her experience ?

I am not sure if they can help or advise but have you contacted the Mauritius BMW dealership.
I am not promoting or advertising them in anyway in this reply.

The BMW dealer is Leal and Co and they are on the motorway at Pailles.

They may have had to deal with import of BMW cars and as such  have some contact points they can give you

Many thanks for your reply which is much appreciated. I did contact BMW quite some time ago and they did respond initially but later dropped dead. Can't even get them on the phone. Guess I have to come without the bike which is rather sad

You can't import a bike of more than 1 year of age.

Many thanks Nadeem, that's what I learned so far.

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