Travel Warning Issued 8/22/2017

Heard on the tv news today the US Govt issued a new travel warning for Mexico. I'm planning a trip to Chapala Oct 30, to check out the area,  considering moving there in the spring of 2018. Guess I'm a little worried. Would appreciate hearing from anyone living in the Ajijic/Chapala area what you've heard about increase in cartel crime (abductions, ransoms, extortion,etc). I'm an old guy whose only income is social security. I'm not out roaming the streets and bars at night (not frequently anyhow), but is this something I have to worry about taking my wife into? Please I don't need smoke blown up my ...., what have you heard, seen, experienced? Are you more concerned due to recent events?

If you move to or visit Jalisco you dont have anything to fear from Cartel violence unless you are involved in what they are involved in.If you live a modest lifestyle you dont have anything to fear at all.I live in what the US gov has deemed to be probably the most dangerous state in Mexico,what a joke,I am safer here than I would be downtown in my home city.

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