I need map of Vienna

I bought a map of Vienna here in Canada , but it only shows a little bit, mostly downtown.
I have no idea of how to get anywhere . My map shows bus routes and rail etc. but how do I know when to get off and catch another one that connects and goes in the direction I want to go in.
Do they announce the stops as they approach ?
This is turning out to be a grand adventure.
I plan to show where on my map I want to go and hope I meet an English speaking person. So far that's my only plan.
I probably should go back to the map store here and see what the other 3 I turned down offered.
I think I just answered my own question.
I enjoy walking ,and plan to walk several kilometers between each place I need to meet with people .
My map doesn't show enough to see how to get around on foot .

Google maps will cure most of your problems and you only have to carry your phone

Google translate has problems but is usually good enough to get your message over without needing an English speaker to help you.

Thanks Fred,. Trouble is I have no idea how to use internet on my old ,old blackberry .

Blackberry - ouch!
Toss it in the bin, buy a mid range Android smartphone and it's a whole new world.
Easy to learn how to use one - just download the software and play a little until you get the hang of it.
Let the satnav find your place, ask it for hotels and it'll come up with all the local stuff and the prices listed by Agoda and the other discount companies - same for everything else you might want to find.
Many of the big apps are voice controlled now so you don't even need to press buttons.
If I'm a bit lost I say, "OK google", "Directions home", the maps app comes on and tells me the way.
Really easy.

Thanks Fred ,
I'm 70 years old ,and can barely handle my blackberry. ( I just found out the other day It takes pictures , and I can send them by text) .
Funny thing ,being an old geezer ,you still think like you did when your 30. Except things like upgrading to smart phones jar you back to reality .

still ride a Harley Davidson,  I think it's pretty new it's a 1991 Springer .

I also hike /scramble up mountain peaks once a week or more.  As I stop to lean on my trekking poles waiting for my breath and heart beat to come back to normal ,I often wonder why these  trail guide maps say I should be at the top in 3 hours ,and I'm just a little more than half way up. ( must be a misprint  ha,ha) .
I'm heading for the map store now ( Fred you terrified me with all this hi tech stuffI need) .

Thanks for the info .

You're never too old unless you think you are.
A few pointers from the sales people and you'll be using apps like you wouldn't believe.
The sound and look complex but are really very simple as far as basic operations go.

I find the [ublic transport system in Austria is one of the best in Europe. On the Metro, Trams, and Buses an electronic display tells you at what stop is coming up and where you are.



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