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Hello everyone!

I just registered at Saudi Council of Engineers last year and i didn't have my SCE Card yet. So I went to their office to get my card but unfortunately they did not give it because according to them i was registered by my boarding number instead of my Iqama No.
I should update it as per my Iqama No. and pay 100 SAR.
I'm having problem updating my account.
Can anyone help me about this? Thank you so much in advance.

Dear friends,
I need a urgent help. I updated my new border number in SEC but I did not receive Sadad number for the payment since 3 days. Don't know what to do. How many days it will take to receive Sadad number? . Also my membership is still valid. Yaqeen is updated 3 days before but jawazat update is showing for the previous iqama. My request for update shows "in progress. Your help is appreciated. Jazakallahu khair.

Hi Mr. Gulpan,

How long it takes with you to transfer your SCE to your new Iqama?

Thank you.

I have re-entered into Saudi Arabia on a new visa of "mechanical engineering technician" with a different/new company. I want to change profession on my iqama from technician to engineer as I am an engineer having degree

I was previously registered and verified member of SCE as an engineer (on my previous iqama) but my membership and my old iqama has expired. How do I update the old SCE membership to my current iqama/border no.? Can someone please guide me.

Will highly appreciate anyone who can guide me, please.

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