Job Offer At Jubail

Hii Guys...

I have got offer from Olayan Descon.

They have written contract type as - Unspecified duration, Cadre level as SP2. what does that stands ? Becoz way back in 2011 i had been offered by same firm but with mentioned permanent role & Cadre level- 6.

They provide annually to & fro tickets to family or not ? This also they have not mentioned in it.
Last time they mentioned it cleary.

Offered SAR-8000 per month Basic.

Is it ok? Worried about Unspecified Duration term.

Hi @javeed_arsh, I had many work experience with Olayan Descon working on a plant shutdown jobs. What I can tell is that they're actively taking up good projects, and I've met many good people (motivated, high level of ownership to their work) working for Olayan Descon.

I do not think there is a real "permanent" work status here in KSA for expats - it is always up to extension or renewal of contracts. For me, I've had my contract renewed on yearly basis and two-year basis so far.

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