walking everywhere

Anyone knows if cordoba has convenience to groceries and shopping in walking distance.

Córdoba has 30 municipalities within the departmental limits, so YMMV.

Here's a place in Juan Valdez coffee country that is much cooler/milder weatherwise than most or all of Córdoba .. and offers extreme convenience of shopping.

If you live in or near Mocawa Plaza in Armenia, Quindío, there are two supermarkets right there. 

Also there, within a block or two:  a travel agency, an insurance agency, an Internet and international call center, a hair salon, a clothing repair shop, Del Gordo pastry shop, a fluff-and-fold laundry, various restaurants and two of the top hotels in town.

A major hospital, San Juan de Dios, and the Universidad del Quindío campus are a few more blocks away.


Thank you so much,this info is extremely helpful.

Peglove :

Thank you so much, this info is extremely helpful.

Maybe not so helpful as you thought, unless you're willing to move to Colombia.

Most of my expat.com notifications are for the Colombia and Ecuador forums, so I presumed you were posting about Córdoba, Colombia, which is on the Caribbean Sea in northern Colombia.

Juan Valdez Coffee Country is also in Colombia, not Argentina.

In the words of SNL's Roseanne Rosannadanna...

Never mind ! :lol:

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