Family Accomodation

I was checking out some places to stay with my family. We are two individuals and one child, My budget is maximum 1500 RM. I found some nice condos like in USJ1. However, I would like to have more options.
I am basically looking for a 2 bedroom apartment that is safe, close to usci international school, and semi or fully furnished .
If you have any experience with life in Subang Jaya especially for a foreign family, I hope you could provide me with the names of available places to stay.

Hi, I am Sam.You probably can message me and I will try to reconnect you to one of my close people that are closed and specialized in the Subang Jaya area I live near by that area.

Thank you for your reply..I'm still not in Malaysia bit looking into the matter to narrow down my options. Will get back to you once I'm there hopefully.

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