Self Employed IVA Billing To The UK


Am looking for some advice - well, been looking for a while and cannot find any concrete answers.

Basically for someone who is becoming self employed in spain (I intend to next year) but working primarily with self employed people in the UK how does VAT/IVA charging work?

Most of the clients I will be billing are self employed in the UK without VAT numbers because of the threshold amount in the UK. If the client in the UK 'is' VAT registered it's not an issue because I can charge IVA at 0% because of the reverse VAT within the EU. But, for self employed people in the UK who do no need to be VAT registered what happens? Adding VAT (IVA) to their billing is confusing to them as well as bumping up the price. It's confusing to Spanish accountants and gestors because many don't seem to understand that you don't actually need a VAT number unless you are over an earning threshold - unlike here in Spain where you have to have one before submitting an invoice.

Any advice from anyone in a similar situation would be appreciated.

Thanks - Andy

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Hello David and thanks for the reply.

I will bear your offer in mind but at the moment I am just looking for answers to my questions and advise from those in the same situation or from those with experience in this area.

Thanks again,


Hi Andy, I understand your situation but I am not an expert in this field however here is a little information that may help if your business can be arranged around it.
I know you can set up a trading company in Gibraltar this may help you but you will need to google European Union Article 28 of the 1971 U K Accession Treaty.
I hope this helps you Tony

I advise you to immediately get a gestor for your stuff.

Leaving aside this complicated particular topic which you could err in doing if you did your taxes yourself, there are many intricacies also many things you could benefit from ranging from tax returns to installments and so on.

Get yourself a good gestor who services autonomos, and have the gestor do your stuff. Ranging from tracking your payments to filling them, asking for returns, dealing with tax office on your behalf, covering your *ss in problematic matters and many things.

It will cost somewhere in between 30-80 euro/mes and it is worth every cent.

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