Possible Moving to Ahmedabad

Hi all,

Im Robert a Chef possibly moving to Ahmedabad. 

Q . Im have been offered accommodation from my company.  is there anything inspect i should ask for... or consider ( Safety ground floor, rear property etc )
Does the property usually come with balcony ..?
Whats the best Satellite supplier.

Q. is it advisable for me to get my own transport ..?

Q. is there a lot of expats in Ahmedabad


A couple of things you need to consider with accommodation is the size and overall quality. I have seen flats for rent here which are almost derelict and need repainting. Most apartments, come with a balcony. You do need to consider the noise levels. Indian traffic is very noisy due to excessive use of horns, and make sure the apartment is  nowhere near a party plot as Indian weddings are conducted at full volume and go on for days. Security is a big issue as expats are considered an easy mark for house burglars. You can get around town using Ola or Uber, but in the long run, if you are planning on staying for a matter of years, buying your own car is advisable, but do not ever buy a second hand car in India. There are not a great number of expats in Ahmedabad, which is a bit of a backwater, but we are getting to know each other.

hey i am from Ahmedabad. If You need any help feel free to contact me
my contact number - ***
i work with Texspin Bearings Limited as a Brand Manager

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