Beautiful Alps ,makes our Rockies look boring .

I'm heading to Austria and was on the google map looking at streets etc. Then I clicked on the satellite view, WOW ! I couldn't believe the scenery as I zoomed in. Quaint little churches , meadows nestled in mountains by little villages .
I hike and scramble in the Rockies near where I live , but we have nothing like that . No villages nestled in mountain valleys ,or story book style churches .
I guess maybe Canada is to new .
I loved reading about the " Iceman" they discovered frozen in a glacier, 3500 years old or so.
He was roaming your beautiful mountains even back then.

I'm just booking a flight now , and landing in Vienna.  I am just going to look around ,and get an idea of how thing work there .
After paying to much for the flight  , my girlfriend said I should have flown to London England cheap, then took one of many trains to Frankfurt and on to Vienna.  Along the way the train would go through many beautiful places . Oh, and at the speed of a bullet .
Here in Canada our trains are not allowed to go more than 90 kilometers per hour /55mph . And the ugliest locomotives you ever saw , Lol.
If a person got off the plane at Heathrow airport in London, and went through the customs ,showing your passport etc, would you then be able to roam the EU countries without checking in at borders ?

I fly to Mexico now and then , and you show your passport and go through security before boarding the plane in Canada  . If you get a flight that switches planes in USA you go through customs and security all over again, (I got lost in the Denver airport last time ) . I usually catch a plane straight to Cancun, but being cheap I took the stop over flight .

I think I'd like the area the mountains in Austria.

Can someone suggest a town that would be a base to hike out of?
I like trails up mountains where some scrambling is required, maybe along a ridge that drops off on both sides . I don't want to walk along a path in a line of other hikers .
What are the laws regarding taking an overnight trip, in which you just roll out your bivy sac and have your meal over a small camp fire ,and spend the night in peace and quiet ,with no one even knowing you are there ?
Where I hike , you can do that if your 0ne kilometer off the nearest road , which are few and far apart .

Any way I'm getting a good feeling about spending time in Austria ( with all them foreigners, ha,ha ) .

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