Let's meet up in Istanbul for making friends or help each other!

Hi! I'm in Istanbul about 1 month and still almost have no friends. All the time I tried to find a job and after this time I feel, that it's some hard for me to be alone. And I hope to mix enjoyable with usefull things, I mean pracitce language and enjoy the time.

Foreigners can practice their turkish and turkish people can practice English or any another language. We can meet just face to face or try to meet more people. I think about 3 persons is enough for 1 company, because if there come a lot of people, we would be dispersed and don't will know each other good. But howbeit it depends on you. Or we can to talk about job and take some advices and expirience. Howbeit I hope we will find here new friends.

I'm go outside everyday and may be someone will ready walk with me haha.

So, let's talk and meet!

I am looking to move there towards end of this year/beginning of next and would be happy to make friends to.

I am English and at present do not speak any turkish.

I will be hopefully moving in with my daughter and son in law = who live and work over there at the moment.

I would be willing for anyone to teach me the Turksih Language to.

I like shopping - but do not have much money to spend , but always like to have a look around.

I enjoy going to the cinema too - but I am afraid the film would need to be in English.

I have fibromyalgia so have to walk slow most of the time and if out for a day would need to sit down on.off.

I have a dog too, so we could always take her walks - she is friendly and a King Charles Cavalier - that is if you like dogs?

i am about to enroll to sehir university , anyone have an idea about an accommodation that i can get ?which is near the university and the ceneter of the city where i can find anything in need ?

Sehir universty is near the Kartal.. u should look for a dorminotry or house near the kartal. If u need any information dont hesitate to ask me.


In Beylek tuzey , looking to meet local people.
It's my frist day here!


If you are here, id like to meet up..
Hope you are well :)

Hope you are doing well here..
:) see you sometime..

When and where?

Hi , I have left Istanbul.

I'm interesting ! and really looking forward to meet friends here in istanbul! :)

Perfect where and when are you meeting? Let me know also,I'm free Saturday sunday

Hello how are you did you remember me?

r-ifaaltaf :

Hope you are doing well here..
:) see you sometime..

Hi how are you ! Did you remember me?

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