Looking for new friends to hang out with

Hi! I am from Singapore and here in Shanghai for 3 years!

Just arrived last week. Chill out if available.


I will visit Shanghai from 25th August to 8th September and looking for new friends. I'm 27 years old and travel as tourist.
Please tell me, if you want to get to know me. I like many activities like sports, parties, sightseeing, ....

Daniel Tenner

Hello I also moved to shanghai recently and I’m looking for someone to explore shanghai with.

I am a man here look8ng to share some tourist activity, I have a ten year visa so Im staying in Shanghai, Id like to know if ai can join you sometime, To do tourist type things, hopes its ok

It's been a month since I arrived in Shanghai for work and Im excited to meet people of this cosmopolitan city.

hi nice to meet you


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hello, i am living in Shanghai for a long time, and i am also familiar with Shanghai, and if you need help, you can connect me. and i also like to hang out with you.

well we can hang out on wechat if you dont mind tho ^^ meet some new friends ^^

Hello, I'm originally from Shanghai and have been living in London in the past 11 years. I just arrived in Shanghai last week looking to have a fresh start here... look forward to hanging out with new friends here :))

If you plan to travel to Guangzhou in the future, my group of friends is pretty interesting to say the least.  :)

Hi..how are you. I'm from iran and I can speak Chinese and English and French and kordish and Persian. .😎..my job is business clothes. .and I love china I want make new friends in china maybe more...

Hi Everyone
I'm Syella from Indonesia. I've been moving to Shanghai for one month and would love to meet new people and make friends. I will work and stay in China for many years. Let's explore Shanghai!

Hi, I'm Syella from Indonesia. i just moved to Shanghai too. Still new in here and looking for a new friend to hang out with. You can add my wechat :)

Hello everyone! I am Denise from Italy. I'll move to Shanghai next week for an internship and I'd love to meet new friends since I don't know anyone in town.

Feel free to contact me!

Hi all, I am coming to Shanghai in February and I am looking for people for language exchange.

Hello, I am moving to Shanghai in a couple of weeks for an internship. I don't know anyone there. Would love to meet new people and explore Shanghai. :)

hello, looking to have friends in shanghai, to hangout.

Hi saya juga dari indonesia,,msh stay di shanghai ngga ya? Sy lg cari temen jalan juga 😄

Kiky_quinn :

Hi saya juga dari indonesia,,msh stay di shanghai ngga ya? Sy lg cari temen jalan juga 😄

Please stick to English so all can understand :D

Lol I lived in Shanghai with my 1 year old daughter until May 20, I’m looking for friends to explore shanghai,been here for 3 times before but never go out alone without my husband..he is in shenzhen right now so..

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where u live? I live in pudong, local chinese. I have a 3years son. I d like to hang out with you and two kids. I think that would be nice for kids. I'm not that good at english,but what is good that you can have some good suggestion about Shanghai.

Hey this is great!! I live in qingpu with my parents inlaw,do you have wechat? Don’t worry i’m not really good in english either 😄

Hello guys, I will visit china on 18/may/2019 for 2 weeks.
The first week I will be in Beijing and second visit  Shanghai.
Im coming from USA, and interested to out with some one in  Shanghai.

See you guys soon

I am a local of Shanghi, maybe I can help you.

Hey, I will be moving to shanghai in September. I’ll be working, and hopefully living, in the Pudong new area. Would be nice to know a few people when I get there, and like the rest of you have people to hang out with and explore the city. Message me if any of you are interested...that is if you are still in Shanghai!

hi there, you still in shanghai ?

Are you still in Shanghai? I am Italian and live in Shanghai.
Let me know if you are still looking to expand your circle of friends.


Hello! I'm from Belarus

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