Schooling or homeschooling in asilah/tangier or essaouira

Assalamu alaikum

Hi all. We are currently in morocco for four months researching the option of moving here next summer, either to asilah or to essaouira, with our three sons 2, 5 and 7 years old. We are based in switzerland, family language is german, but the kids are also familiar with arabic and french (they are far from being fluent though). A big question is still what we are going to do with the schooling of our kids as there are no german schools as far as i know and all the public or private schools we have visited so far are just... lets say they are just far from what we are looking for. We visited the french school in essaouira but we are not so keen on the french school system either. So we are thinking about homeschooling, but there is no useful german curriculum available for homeschooling. Maybe a mix of homeschooling and halfdays in a public/private school for arabic or french teachings? Or co working with a freelance teacher? We were even thinking about an english school, as english goes anywhere... or at last, my favourite, if we would find a group of families with similar issues in one of the two areas asilah/tangier or essaouira or even another place and set up an alternative school... These are just a few ideas, please feel free to comment or to suggest!!!! We are also happy to read the experiences of other families! THANKS

Wa alaykum salaam

I think you have got a good chance of finding a home schooling community in these places and I think most likely they will be English speaking

I wouldn't completely dismiss the public and private schools though, especially as your children have a start in Arabic and French. You could always supplement what they get from school as well. Arabic and French would be virtually essential if your children stay in Morrocco. English is becoming more wide spread in Morrocco too, many children start learning at school

I would look for an option that's easy too. The schools do look a bit chaotic but so would European schools too a non-European in many cases. Then there is positives like separating of boys and girls, opportunity to pray and growing up with Muslim children

Hi there I am just concerned about my kids schooling in Morocco.  Not sure cos they speak English. I have heard the International schools there are expensive?  Also is there a technical school there that encourages aeronautical engineering.

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