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Hi, We are in Cambodia now as a Tourist, we are now here for 1 week and it will expire on August 31. We want to convert our Tourist Visa into Business Visa. Do you know any agent guys that can help us through the process? Also I heard that there are agents that process the visa without exiting in Cambodia going to Vietnam. They just help us stamp the passport. Anyone knows about this?

Thank you so much.

As far as I know you can't change the tourist visa, just extend it one time for 30 days.

Then you have to leave the country and when you come back apply for a E visa (aka business visa). This then can be extended for 3, 6 or 12 months, and again and again.

Joe is correct.

The "Tourist Visa" is non-changeable.  You have to exit the country & reapply for the different ("Business") visa.

Financially, there's not much point in staying for 30-days if you want to come back again on a business visa.  Just do a border exit /return.

Any word on 3-year visa? Now, much and when it starts?

Richard Crofts :

Any word on 3-year visa? Now, much and when it starts?

There is no 3 year visa, except for Japanese citizens. It was an agreement between both governments and each other country will have to negotiate the possibility of a 3 year visa. No country has done this sofar so it's only the Japanese that can get it.

Richard Crofts :

Any word on 3-year visa? Now, much and when it starts?

On the other hand, the E-visa (business visa) is so easy and comfortable, one year extension can be done at most agencies, costs about $300 and you don't have to appear in person at Immigration.
I do it every year and it is indeed hassle-free.

good info thanks.


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The Business visas have recently changed.

You are a very knowledgeable member here and it is with gratitude I note your advice.

What’s the requirement to obtain a business visa? For example, I may open free English training center.

Can I volunteer on a tourist visa?

No way you can work, voluntarily or not, on anything else than a business EB extension of stay.

If you open your own business you need to register it and get a tax registration.

After that you need to apply for a work permit, can do that on line or have an agent do it.

Otherwise, if you work for a registered business, you need a letter from your employer with official stamp, to obtain the EB extension of stay. After that you need to apply for a work permit.

The registered business you work for also needs to have you included in their foreign workers quota for the year ahead.

Last but not least: come in on an Ordinary visa, not a tourist visa. Only Ordinary can be extended for any long term extension of stay.

Hope this helps.

Cambodia expert team

Reply, to Paul 123,  Please remember that there is a due process for doing business in Cambodia. It cost me about $US 500 all up to register a business in Cambodia and you need to pay a monthly charge based on your income from your business.  You can chance it and operated without proper documents, but if they catch you they will estimate your revenue based from the first time you entered the kingdom and you will need to pay a fine also ok?

Just a side note here, I did just that open an English training school and for 4.5 months I battled on to get students. Just be aware that there is so much free training available to everyone also from the hundreds of churches operating in the area, that English tuition is so plentiful. Possible
? Yes of course, just start very small in a small room first, then build it up from there. ok? Hope this helps, cheers

Ordinary visa, I didn’t see that option. I just arrived on a tourist visa so what’s my option now?

I’m interested in business 1 year visa. my international based nonprofit organization would like to start a Christian community project to help the disadvantaged with food, clothe, tuition and housing.

Why didn't you ask or read before you entered the country. The web is full of information about the two most used visas.

Tourist visa can be extended once for 30 days.

Your only option is to leave the country and come back on an Ordinary visa.

Then if you need time to set up your business you can apply for an EG extension of stay for 6 months, no documentation needed.

On a side note a question: with more than 4000 ngo's in Cambodia and a 95% Buddhist population, is it really necessary to have another ngo trying to convert Buddhists to the Christian religion?
Hundreds of churches and ngo's do that already.

Just a personal thought.


Joe, thank you for the invaluable information. I will leave and return because I didn’t do my homework.

Now, I have interested fact about conversion. Christianity is a global failure totally void of absolute repentance and righteousness. Thus I have come to rescue Christians including the NGO. They’re all dead in worldliness and will surely miss the second coming. At the same time feed the poor. Most likely you are one of those dead Christian. Forgive me  and dont let the truth offend you.

First I'm not a Christian, I have taken parts of many religions and wisdoms and have my own belief.

Second I have seen a lot of donated money wasted by ngo's and their people. Renting expensive villas as office, buying Toyota Landcruisers or big Lexus to go from house to office, and so on. The generous contributors keep sending money without knowing how it is wasted.

Don't get me wrong, there are good and useful ngo's too, hopefully yours is one of those.



Agree with your side note Joe.

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