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Hello everyone!

My name is Sheah and I recently moved from California to Moshi as part of an academic project conducting research on maize prices and fertilizer usage in rural Kilimanjaro! I am very excited to be here; it is incredibly beautiful!

Unfortunately, my organization has very few connections here so I haven't been able to tap into the expat community in Moshi. This has been an issue while searching for housing in particular. I would very much appreciate any insight into how to track down a house or an apartment of reasonable quality to stay at for the next 4 months in Moshi, or just living in Moshi in general!

Hi Sheah

your welcome im in moshi let me check today and let you know,


Hi everyone,

@ sheah, till members provide you some infos, you could drop a "looking for" advert in the Housing in Tanzania section of the website.

All the best,


This same information i get from one hostel host w researchers and volunteering in Moshi. if you need full attachment send me email i will do it.

The price of staying at Hostel Hoff is.....
Stays of under 3 months -USD$21 per night for the first month,then USD$20 per night in the second/third months.
Stays of over 3 months USD$19 per night for the entire stay.

The price you are paying includes your accommodation, breakfast, dinner and laundry daily.  Your only additional costs are lunches, internet use, personal spending etc (most people budget between USD$50-$100 per week). 

All support related to that is no additional charge (except the visa fees).  They have a great team of staff to look after you whilst here and after enjoying a town tour and orientation, you will be able to begin your  work.


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