Invitation To Be Volunteer in Customs English Comunity Program

Dear Friends,

My name is Miskam. I am Customs Officer at Regional Customs Office Riau and West Sumatera in Pekanbaru. I regularly conduct English Club for Customs officers here in my office. This club has program to use English properly among Customs officers. Thus, they are going to implement the abilities during their duties.

Has any of you who want to be volunteer as facilitator, we kindly invite to participate to our program.

Thank you so much for your kindness and help.


There are so few native English speakers in Indonesia at the moment you may have problems finding anyone, especially as some will be frightened it could be seen as a breach of their immigration status to work even informally as an English teacher.
If your guys in Jakarta want to do the same I might be able to find a little time once a month to drop in.
I'm usually very busy but I might find a some free time.

Dear Fred,

Thank you so much for your respond.
I do understand about your and others worries about. However, my program is only once in a month program, also takes about 2 hours.

Further, For native volunteers we might conduct once in tree month.

Good luck with your quest.
Sorry I can't help but I'm too far away.

Hi Miskam,

I would be glad to hepl out in your search for an english language coach.  I would not mind providing my time free of charge to help you guys out. However it would nice if you could provide the fare to and fro. Also let me know if it is just conversational english that your staff need to buck up on.


Dear Lasering,

Thank you so much for your kindess.

That Will be great we talk through e-mail of you do not mind.

Kindly Regards.

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