Assistance on visa process during changing the employer

Dear friends,
It's been 3 years to me I am working in Malaysia with the same company. Now I have been offered by another company and not sure whats the process for getting the employer changed. If anyone can assist me on few doubts as mentioned below -
1. If my current employer release NOC, do I need to leave the country?
2. What will be steps current employer and future employer should be following making sure my visa transition is smooth.
3. I have plans to visit India before I start my new job, can I leave Malaysia while this visa is under process or should I plan after new visa is stamped.

Looking forward for your comments.


Your current employer needs to submit your passport to immigration to cancel the Professional Pass  (if it is expiring shortly then it might be better to change jobs at the end of the current Pass). It is easier to change jobs at the end of a PP.

Proof of cancellation and the NOC is required by the new employer to do the Stage I clearance i.e. obtaining authoristion to hire you to work for them. If changing jobs, it is not necesssary to leave the country (that is only for the first time recruitment). However, if you are on a PP Category III then there is probably a Cooling Off period of 3 months required. This does not apply if on Category I or II.

I believe you would need a Visa with Reference if you go back to India and don't have a valid PP in your passport. So timing your visit is important and it takes a long time to get a VDR (1-2 months normally). Perhaps this is how long you want to be in India and how long your new employer is prepared to wait?

You could discuss with your new employer when they want you to take up your duties with them (I doubt they will be very happy if you want to take a long leave immediately after joining them).

There are quite a lot of formalities to complete including tax clearance at the end of an employment, so take this into consideration. Your passport will also not be available for travel while the PP cancellation is going on.

You really need to see the reaction of your current employer when you resign. They should be able to advise you best, plus check with your new employer about their expectations.

Hello Everyone,

New here in this forum. I am about to finish my one year contract with my employer next month, and I am planning to change my employer after this. My visa is EP category II and my current salary is below RM 3k. So do I have to leave the country if I want to change to any other employer? And mostly I am concerned about the cooling period, do I have to go through any cooling period here? And I can manage NOC or any other necessary docs from my current employer. Please anyone share their knowledge here and make clear how this all works out.


Usually EP Category II has a minimum salary of RM5k - only Category III can have a lower salary.

There is no cooling off period for Category II but there is a cooling off period for Category III when changing employer.

Is your WP legitimate? I ask this because of the salary and Category mismatch. If there is an issue about this, it will probably come to light when applying for another WP with a different company.....

Don't forget to get your income tax clearance done as this will affect a number of things, including getting a Stage I approval with another employer.

Boss,I have short term contract in Malaysia 6 month,If want to change over also, need to stay 3 month for EP1 or EP 1 no need for cooling time period for 3 month

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