Best Paying Jobs In Istanbul

Hi every one !

I've joined to EXPAT just now and hoping you help me!

At the present, I live in Iran and want to start studying in bachelor degree but not sure what field to choose!

For the future plan, I'm going to move Turkey,Istanbul and continue my studying in master degree in there and work after graduation.

Can you tell me about the best paying jobs in Istanbul?!
Entry level average salaries for every single job and also max salaries for experienced ones.

Waiting to hear from you soon!

Hello Solmaz,
According to my low-medium average community, and translation industry domain, salaries are between 1500TL minimum to 4000TL for sure there are some people around turkey who can make more than 10K and maybe much more, but never met/heard any of them. since you speak Persian & English, and you're going to learn Turkish obviously by living in Turkey, translation can make easy money if you have your own translation office. easy job, easy money, but not a lot of money.

having your own office has a very easy procedure in the government, if you work in a translation office somewhere in turkey, you learn the basics, then you can have your own translation office, you need contacts of certified translators and after that things go easily.

IT is English teacher job

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