E- Cigarettes Thailand

Just a warning to those Expats returning to Thailand and tourists for that matter.

E-Cigarettes are banned in Thai, should you arrive with one you can get charged with importing and that can see a large fine and up to 10 years in jail.

There are a couple of cases right now with one tourist put in jail for 6 days now released on bail with his passport held so he cannot leave. The other got a big fine more than a guy who pulled a Large knife on a motorist.

But if you are a smoker don't worry you can still buy cheap cigarettes (not advisable). Further information is available on many GOV websites.

Isn't it just importing e-cigarettes that is banned? As far as I've heard personal ownership is not illegal...seen quite a few people using them in public.  Of course it's just another angle for the boys in brown to try and squeeze a few baht out of you, whether it's legal or not.

One of the people caught using one was in BK and he got arrested, so it looks like they are illegal to use also. But as you say all laws there are used to gain (using the local phrase) Tea Money or in English corruption.

The UK .gov travel advice site now carries the warning. So another new law to be aware of if you venture in that neck of the woods.

Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam do not have that law as far as I know.

Stay safe

Thank you for the post. Interesting point.

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