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Hello Everyone. I recently got a job at Al Khaleej Training and Education (the exact location of the school is pending but will most likely be in Riyadh) and I wanted to know if anyone has worked their in the past or is presently working their. I would like to know what the work culture is like. If anyone has worked at Al Khaleej as a English Teacher, could you please give me some feedback on the school?

This will be my first time teaching English abroad.


I've been working for Al-Khaleej for 6 years and I can vow that they are a reputable company with managers who go the extra mile to make our stay as welcome and comfortable possible.

My experience were great hence worked for them for 6 years consecutively.

I would not know which project they'll place you on but I wish you the best. If you are in contact with Waleed you should ask him where you'll be placed.

I hope my message help a bit.


One of the best companies out there


I am from UK and have been offered a position with Al-Khaleej potentially in Ha'il, Abha or Arar but they cannot confirm exact location until I arrive in Saudi.
Also, they have suggested a business visa and at my own expense as they will not refund, they may then change it to an Iqama after probation.
I am receiving mixed reviews re. this company so I was wondering are there any teachers currently working for them that can give me an honest insight please? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Hi Raw Mercy,

I'm in a very similar boat. I was approached by Al-Khaleej (same role I think) but I declined as I received mixed reviews also. I have since been approached by other companies.

I would be interested in learning more about Al-Khaleej. If you discover more, please do share so we can all benefit.

Thanks in advance.

Al khaleej is one of the biggest companies hireing esl teachers, you can get a job there.

however, don't take it...they suck....the projects they put you on may be good, but they don't communicate, and don't know how to commuicate. If they do, they will lie to you.

they don't pay on time.
they don't pay for your business visa.
they don't pay for you hotel to get your visa.
they will give you a check, but they don't have money in the bank to cover the check
if you have an iquama, they don't like to issue you a travel visa.
when it comes to money, they will try to cheat you out of it. especially when you don't renew your contract, they won't pay you what they owe you.

my advice, don't take this job, or run away. i did.

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