Profession Change on Iqama

My profession is restaurant labour i want yo change into restaurant manager is it possible now

Im amal(labour visa) but my position in my company network admin  tried many ways to change the profession but not possible .i don't believe agents they are only asking advance money  but not update me what they required and duration period etc..

first of all, do u have related certificate (restaurant manager or equivalent ) degree. did u finished ur attestation,  suppose did u finish also then we cant do anything now bro .because the profession change its temporary ???? bane

I a m registerd and have  active membership in saudi council of engineers and need to do  change of profession can change my profession.

@engsyedsarwar[at]now not possible KSA Bane profession change so wait when it will open after you will

hi friends

   Any one can tell me whats the procedure to change labor profession to engineer profession in iqama..
Already MY CERTIFICATES registered with Saudi  council of engineering, got approval and temporary membership.. 

Any update?

No dear,still waiting for the update

any update guyz. now we reach mid of april no positive news came.

Hello guys,

I am calling MOL every alternate day to get any positive response but unfortunately they are saying they don't have any update regarding profession change as of now.... So I guess we still need to wait a few more days/weeks to get a positive response from them...

Thankyou for the update

As Salam alai kum,

One guy is der in riyadh will do the profession change but he is asking 800 SAR advance. he will do work in 1 day cost 2500 SAR or in 3 days 2000 SAR.. Any one present in riyadh to meet him personally to verify whether he is doing it or no?

Please update me soon.

Thank you

Please reply me soon

one of my colleague also reveal me same story about such special offer :-) and he already paid him last thursday Lol..i think this guy is telling same story to everyone... just wait for 2 3 days then i will tell you the outcome surely..i would recommend everyone not to pay now as it will be known soon then I will inform everyone as soon as I come to know the result honestly..

okay thanks

what I personally believe everybody is thinking 800 or 1 thousand is not a big deal and start paying such people.. and if these kind of people get money from 10 to 15 persons then they are making good amount :-) .. dont give him money even if you think it is less amount until you have any case proven succeed.. I will surely inform here about the outcome by tuesday/wed just remain patience...If it s really changing in just 2000 or 2500 then it s very good offer.. otherwise one more guy succeed in making fool the people suffering from change of profession :-)


Dear the thing is they don't change our profession completely, they just change it from Jawazat not from Maktab Amal and give you the the Iqama copy.
Also in some cases they also roll back the old profession.
I am also trying to change my profession from last 3 months, some of my friends are saying Govt. may start after Ramadan.

hello fahad.. if anybody change in jawazat and it is updated in the iqama then it is officially changed because it is also updating the nuskha no..anybody changed the profession in jawazat then I think it is understood that it is approved by MOL to change his prof in jawazat..jawazat first has to take permission from mol... 
i m really not sure but it is my thinking may be you are right but people in past also used to change also in the same way to go to jawazat and then update your profession...
i dont think there is any benefit of reverting back to old profession..

Hi Ali,

You are right dear but in some cases they just just ask you to check the profession from Abshir Account, then after receiving money the roll back it.
The benefit in reverting back is the govt. can catch the person who made any change in system/application as they are monitoring their application.

Lets hope Govt. will start this process and we change our professions in legal way.
Ameen !

yes your point is valid .. if anyone change the profession he can also revert back to be himself on safe side.. one more thing , whenever there is any change in iqama.. eg name change , renewal, or other including profession or anything.. nuskha no or id version also updated .. if anyone change anything it will be incremented and when reverting back to same profession there is one more increment in nuskha no.. so everything is recorded in the system.. one can not play multiple times in this ways otherwise he is leaving more clues..
anyhow thing is that we want profession change and anyone of us listen anybody can change prof really we all will try .. nobody bother to think it can be revert back again. :-)
only way it will be open legally so there will b no tension for everyone IA

So conclusion is nobody can change their iqama proffession so far, right?
Is anybody know when will open this feature?

Brother kindly inform me as well.

Dear All
as I updated last week about the agent asking 800 for profession change and one my colleague gave him money.. he told him he will change profession in 3 days so my friend was expecting on tuesday but i asked him today and as per him there is no any change.. my friend contact him in front of me but agent was saying dont worry it will be changed by tomorrow but obviously it is not changed today..this agent keep saying he will not run away by taking just 800 sar..
i think this is the key point.. such people use to make fool by telling people they will not run by taking 800 or only 1 k so ppl keep giving them money.. I m strongly recommend everyone not to give 800 or thousand after thinking it is small money .. these kind of ppl make big amount by taking 1k from lot of ppl..

Profession change is strictly banned so wait till Muharam things will get clear.even my company agreed with saudi working in jawazat he asked for 10,000 he started process but after few days he set back that he can't forget about profession change for few months.

Good News?


Is thr any positive updates about profession change?

No update yet sis. I am processing through an agent who said will charge after the work is done. The charge is quite high SAR 12000. If its done then i will surely mention it here.

@sayed 1983@ bro kindly share his number i will  try


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K sir...  Bt Pls dn't frgt to share ur details here...

Dear All ,

Any possibility to change profession Now

Any update about profession change till now? please update once it is open...

At last profession change service has not been started.

guys, I am worker on the IQAMA (waiting to change it to engineer already joined the syndicate) but my problem is i tried to get my wife to KSA with a visa and i got rejected we asked for the reason they said because i am a worker any workaround that?

The government has stopped upgrading or changing the IQAMA profession as part of their saudization process.

After along wait, good news?

What is the good news???

What is that good news?


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