Profession Change on Iqama

Any update regarding profession change??

The Profession change service is stopped as of now. We may expect it to reopen after sometime. We are not sure of the timelines as of now.

Thanq for the response. But hopefully the services will open or is it closed permanently?

Hopefully it will open soon.

it will probably will take more time. dont wait for it if any other option possible go for it
thank you

Probably when will they start to change the profession in ministry of labour website it's mentioned in website that except engineering medical profession and other profession reserved for Saudi people can't be changed through ministry of labour website except this all other profession can be changed they mentioned

Thanks but I can't find any other option. :(

Can u plz provide me link for dis website. Any idea does computer technician fall under this category?

For computer technician no problem to change the profession through mol portal except engineer and medical profession all can be changed through that portal u can see this is ministry of labour website … profession

Even iam also going to change my profession

Thank u so much karthikn123.
Can u plz guide me also how u r changing ur profession as I am really new here and not able to find any help and I also want to change profession urgently.
Thanks once again

First u need to get ur certificate attestation in Saudi embassy frm your country then only u can proceed

Dear Karthik,

Are you sure that they are accepting profession change now? Even though the option is shown on the MOL website, my sponsor says that it is not accepting any applications. Please confirm.

I tried to open mol website but the page of change in profession is not opening.
Any help!!!

Hi karthik

Thanks but I think certificate attestation is not required in case of technicians.

Hello Brothers,
Any update regarding profession change?
My iqama is expiring in 20 days, I am an engineer but my profession on iqama is Building technician and they asked a certificate for building technician when i tried to renew iqama, I tried to change my profession to Marketing Manager but it's blocked. Any possible solution?

Hi, is this link working. … profession
I am not able to open it. Is there any way through which i can contact MOL. They dont pick up on the contact numbers provided on website.I really need to know when will this service reopen.

Nobody has any idea. Simply they are saying it's closed now. Nobody know when it will open. And no idea if it is temporary or permanent. May Allah make our affairs easy, as I am also struggling to get this done.

call 19911 on their helpline. you can select Urdu/hindi from menu in order to talk comfortably.

Did you speak with them?. What did they say. Will it open or no. Is it closed permanently

I spoke to them several time, they said its closed due to internal issues and there is no defined timeline when it will be opened.. Its totally unexpected.

Change is not banned permanently, it might take a while. I changed my sponsorship and profession just 2 days ago.

Hi darkmatter,,

Can u plz help how did u do it. Is MOL accepting profession change documents because my sponsor informed that the process has stopped.
Did u take help of an agent? Can u plz share any information regarding dis and moreover when did u apply for change???
Plz help this is really urgent.

Hi darkmatter,

Is MOL accepting the documents. My sponsor is still saying that its closed.Kindly help!!!

Hi guys

I need to change my profession but my sponsor says that the process is closed. I want to change it for non engineering profession. Can anyone plz help.
Is MOL changing profession for non engineers? Is there any way to contact them.
Plz help!!


i am also still waiting for the updates. But not yet as such. Even when you dial labour office customer care they donot have any updates. Day before yesterday i visited to Istiqdaam office Dammam, they said it shall re-start soon likely by next week. Donot know how much to trust ..!!! if say likely by next week then it mean December 1st week.

What happend Tanveer.

Yes plz share information for riyadh. I am also very worried. I also cant stay longer like this. Its really risky for me. 😞


Its 1st december today. Any update about proffession change.

Hi guys,
Any update on the subject issue ? Did any body get changed the profession or not yet ??

The service of change in profession is still not available.

I changed my sponsorship from Father, so it was easy.

I don't believe that change in sponsorship is stopped permanently, but who knows.

good anybody here has an update regarding change of profession to engineer?

No dear..i donot have..i am also still waiting to hear that...

How were you able to that, I am on labour visa and getting tranferred to another company, I would like to change the profession to Engineer. I have all attested certificates.

Riyasmeera :

Assalamu alaikum bro,
My professions changed yesterday alhamthulillah.

Now system is open bro.

How it happened? Share your experience please

Plz any update regarding  the system open or not for profession change.. :(

hi brothers which profession is suitable for ITI Electrician Certificate

hi bro which profession is suitable for ITI Electrician Certificate pls tell me if u konw

Dear, first of all we are waiting for profession change. Let it start first. I am also waiting for this.

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