Profession Change on Iqama

thank you brother

yes bro..thats y i wanna share with...

lbr to Quality management specialist.

Thats great to hear...Alhamdulillah, Since when did they open? My company is trying to change my profession to Engineer and they said its difficult and they are trying from under table according to my HR as changing to engineer is difficult. Hope the system is atleast open guys in order to change professions suitable for bringing families. Any others got their professions changed to different profession guys?

Assalamualikum brothers,

If anybody have an update that he changed his profession from a non engineering profession to an engineering profession please update.


Is it true please update me on ***

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what is your current profession in aqama?

Any update in engineering profession changing


I think  problem remains same for changing to engineering profession other than that system is open. Anyone else changed to different positions other than engineer guys?

My GRO started for changing my profession from labor to computer technician. Once changed i will let you know.

Yes, pls update once done bro.. Abdullah Kunhi

Yes Possible, since brother is with computer technician iqama and offcourse with family as well...

Hi guys Any update regarding profession change. Is the system open or they have stopped permanently changing professions. As, I am waiting for this problem to be resolved but my HR says link for changing profession is unavailable. Any idea guys, and pls share your experience if anyone got changed your profession recently i.e to engineering or any other professions.

What is Jawazath saying for changing profession after having all the required documents ?

Can you tell me what is exactly jawazath people are saying for change of profession.?

Hello brother

I have read your message as explained above , my request is , can we change the profession NOW after receiving the card and certificate from SCE ?

my profession is Building Technician, when my GRO applied for renewal my iqama they asked for SCE registration since I do not have engineering degree I could not do registration.
I applied for changing my profession from Building Technician to any other suitable profession but it is not changing.
can anybody inform me when the system for changing of profession will be start?

yes I wanted to change my profession from Building Technician to Sales Executive. shall I change?

Dear Brother, Any update you got on this?
Anyone has idea on when they will reopen the online system for profession change?

No idea still now, they just say wait. Insha Allah it will open its undergoing some changes. That's it. Let's hope for soon to get over.

update on profession change on iqama

Dear brother iam working in Jeddah for past one year as factory manager and in my company they tried to change my profession from labour to chemist as I have msc chemistry degree and they told me to get ATTESTATION from Saudi embassy in india do I need attention for this profession? Kindly suggest me.

Brother from which profession you changed and what is your current profession

Today, i called MOL they said the icon for Engineers has been removed and for others it is available
but because of Some Changes it has been stopped.

My current profession is labor and in company they want to change as chemist as iam a msc chemistry degree holder for this do I have to get my certificate attestation in Saudi embassy in india

Can you confirm that the icon for changing profession is available now? because last week our GRO tried to change my profession from labor to computer technician. But he told there is no icon for changing profession. It has been removed.

today i called MOL they said icon for Engineers has been removed for others there is no problem they can change,but because of maintanence the system is going through changes and cannot be changed now,later you can change

ok. please post here if the link is open changing profession for non engineers

They said that icon is available  for Non Engineers but profession cannot be changed Right now because of maintenance once they update it,then Non engineers will be able to change profession

Hi guys till now for me there is no update for changing the profession from Non Engineering to an Engineering Profession. My companys HR is trying but still there is nothing happened. But today i read one bad news. Kindly check the link below. … -in-iqamas … -in-iqamas

is it confirmed !that Mol is now changing iqama profession?


Any new updates

Changing of iqama is going on

No, it's still same from the ministry. Let's see. As I heard they are making some new changes we don't know exactly they will open again or not. Nobody is sure of anything. They simply say it will open Insha Allah but not sure of anything

Just an engineering profession or All ? Please update

All Professions

Hi,I am Ros Sia, a Civil Engineer
    SCE already approved my membership as an engineer this 19th of November with
temporary membership  valid for one year,however  on my profile ,is Yakeen verified and ,is Jawasat updated, was marked  with red x,my profession on  Iqama is  a Road Surveyor ,can i maintain this road surveyor profession  on my iqama and renew it because from what i read on this blog ,profession change is stop ,my iqama will expire next month,how can i correct this red x on my profile,what does this mean
    Thanks in advance for any reply


I have just reached Riyadh two days back. Profession on my iqama is different but I have to pursue business in the field of engineering. Is it possible to change the profession to technician. Is this service active?? My kafeel informed me that services are suspended but I cannot work on this profession as there is heavy security and checking going on around my area.plz help

P.S. I don't work for a company instead for a shop.

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