Profession Change on Iqama


I have entered into Saudi Arabia with non profession visa and after I have registered with the Saudi Council of Engineer as Engineer and given all papers to my company's GRO for change profession on my Iqama but as he said that Saudi labour department has been stopped for a changing profession as an engineer. Could you please let me know if it is true also I was in Abu Dhabi for 6 years with Engineer Visa.
Please advise me how to change profession on iqamma.



Even i am facing the same problem. Need advice in order to change the profession.


Me also facing same problem can u advice me regarding this please share


Did u receive any update regarding profession change?

i got message that u can change profession but be a membership of SCE

u received message from whom?

From SCE

Dear Dushyantp77
I have helped about 3 of my colleagues to go thru the process of iqama renewal,  & it's link with SCE. I don't know if profession change will happen automatically or follow up with jawazat is required coz non of my colleagues need to change profession . I can help you registration with SCE part.
I noted you gave your papers to GRO who will tell you all kind .........
Well I list the steps below which is completely self service & online.
1. Go to SCE page for login in eservice. ( i need to search the link if you need this help. But it should be easy. ) Follow instructions for your registration. In this process you select your profession Engineer.
2. Now you will have login account .
3. You will find tabs for document submittal. Most important is your degree. Letter from sponsor. Samples are available on same website.
4. System will activate back & fourth communication with you which shall include fee payment etc.
5. There is help center phone number which you can call to follow up.
6. In step 1 you will find option such as engineer working as non engineer job .
7 . Tomorrow in my office I shall find out more from my colleagues & tell you.

Dear sir

I registered in SCE but the said as if u proved, you can not change into engineer professional in iqama but u can join in body of SCE, after that I asked and check the saying that Right now the stop changing professional

Anybody please tell me is this a temporary issue? Because my GRO told me to wait for a week or two. Still nobody have the clear picture about this.

Dear sirs

As I can to know the stop changing professional with new rules

hey. Please tell me what are the new requirements of visa profession change to Engineer?

in new rules the stop change the profession from old to new as labor law, text me inbox

thanks @sanoabdul11. So is there any way to change the profession to engineer now?

Your Company HR Should make it for you, its easy

Any new update in profession changing?

As the SCE you should come new visa with engineer professional. So only it's possible, also the said the 5 years experience must be there

Dear all,

Anybody please update if there profession is changed.

Still waiting

Now the stop change professional

Profession change stopped permanently or is it temporary for time being?

still not known but the stopped.

Brothers any update.......

The stopped the changing of professional


Did you guys find any solution? I am also facing the same issue. Also, how authentic is the news they have stopped changing Profession. Any source. Please, update

Iam having that same problem. If i properly knew about these things then i would have not came to Saudi in this particular visa. Because of this i can't able to join any job which is suitable for me instead iam getting situations to work in shops which is something i can't able to do.

Sameer...Since When u have been trying??  And, What did they say is it permanently closed or just closed due to any update in System.  I dont think its been closed permanently otherwise it would have  been in news. But I haven't seen any. If any people in group has authentic news for the same let us know.

There is no proper source for this news officially but when I went to my HR for changing the profession he said the system for profession change is not available for a non engineering profession to an engineering profession. So even I am waiting for this issue to be resolved. So the only option left is to wait and watch!!!

as per SCE i check with them, the inform me that  stopped changing professional..., i have the same problem with me.., if any update from you please consider it for update

the said to come in new visa with engineering professional

How come they stop suddenly without any intimation. It may be suspended for few days  due to new change in system. Also,  it is possible, not permitted in future to change profession to engineer,hope not to any other profession.

Lets wait and see as per my HR wait for 2 weeks, we may see something Insha allah. Also, I don't think they will stop permanently for profeesion change without even giving any prior notice. Else, everyone is in trouble.

I'm now labor visa i have MSC (MASTER DEG certificate) last 9 yr I'm working as a microbiologist in Ksa only, I leave old job than went final exit,i camenew job labor Visa. Now my company HR told me now system is closed how can i change my professional please any one help me.

Assalamu alaikum,

In the month of AUG,  I saw in an Indian newspaper regarding the Engineering profession change stopped due to the request from Saudi engineers, for them to get more chances in engineering field,

I am also follow up with my GRO from Aug to get it changed he always replying system closed for this.
I do have both SCE certificate and attested Btech certificate.

I think it will take time to resolve this issue .
Please let me know if there is some change in this situation.

Hello guys,

Still we are waiting for the re reopening of the system of profession change . Also the new rule of minimum 5 yrs experience will be required from 1st January 2018. Hope till that time they re open this system from jawazat.

Assalamu alaikum bro,
My professions changed yesterday alhamthulillah.

Now system is open bro.

Is it true

can i know which profession you changed, engineer or ????

is it true? Can we change the profession now?

I wanted to change my profession to Computer technician. My current profession is labour. So do i need to attest my certificate ? My friend told me that you don't need to attest your certificate for Computer Technician

anybody knows about it?

Yes at technician level there is no need for attestation of certificates. your company will provide a supporting document that this guy is working as so and so technician since so and so year in our organization.

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