Going to work in Belgium -What is the tax on salary for 53000euro?


I am from India and working for a multinational company here. Recently my company got an project to work with a client in Belgium, so they decided to send me to Belgium to work for 2 years.
My company has offered me an annual salary of 53000 Euros. I heard that the taxation in Belgium is 50%, so now I am afraid to work in Belgium.
If the tax is 50% i may get 26000 Euros per year. This will be very difficult for me to live in Belgium.

Can somebody please explain what would be my Net income?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, if you go to http://www.jobat.be/nl/test/bruto-netto-calculator/ you can fill in your bruto income and social status and this gives a fairly accurate estimate of your netto income. It would leave with approximately 2500euro netto if you are single.

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