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Looking for a good preschool for my 13 months old. I live in the pakubwuono area  any suggestions pls?

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Here is a list of some pre school around Jakarta which you can contact for further inquiry:

* Teddy Bear PreSchool & Kindergarten
* Apple Tree
* Lady Bird Pre School
* La Roche Preschool
* Tutor time preschool
* Kinderland

Hope this helps ;)


I heard good things about Discovery Center in Mentang.  I have met people who send their kids to Tutor Time Preschool as Yud listed above as well.


my 3 yo goes to tutortime and i find that its a really good school. i did a little research b4 applying and i think its the best option..u should haf a look at it :)

Hi Irvan,
I would recommend to take any trial class that offered by the preschools before deciding applying. Preschools may appear to have superb program and facilities, however nothing is useful until your child experience the real classroom environment - the teacher, the classmate, the lessons and the facilities.

It may take sometime to find the best school that fits with your child personality (and the parent's need). It is even normal for parent to try 10 classes.

If you are looking for preschool at jakarta utara, I would suggest you try out Good Shepherd International Preschool. They are using English and Chinese as their teaching language which helps if you want your child to be bilingual as early as possible.

I know the principal, and they are opening trial classes.
You can even book the trial class that suits your child age online at gspreschool.net/preschool-trial-classes/

Happy hunting !

Hi everyone. I know full day childcare / Preschool is uncommon in JKT.

Like to check if anyone knows if there are ANY that do full day childcare? Really need a school that can take my boy in the whole day.


I am looking for a good International Preschool for my 2 children (K1 and N1 class this year). I will be staying in Menteng. Any suggestion?

Try Kinderland. if its around your area.

Thanks homeaway. We have been decided on Etonhouse International preschool. But it is alittle bit far from where we will be staying. Probably I need to think of how to send my kids to school now.

Hi Jesling,
have you try Chiltern House? it's in senayan area.

if you're in the pakubuwono area there's a Kinderland branch just a stone through away and also Woodland's Montessori next to senayan city. our daughter goes there and she loves it!


My husband will be relocating to jakarta in a few months time. I should be bringing my 2 kids along too. I am looking at preschool for my 2 kids. Currently, my son is attending N2 at Chiltern House in Singapore.

Would appreciate if anyone can provide me with more information on the preschools in Jakarta in terms of curriculum and fees. And if the standard is similar to singapore's?

Anyone know how much is the fees for Chiltern House or Eton House in Jakarta? I emailed them but they didn't reply. :(


CH or Eton House Jakarta annual fees range from 7k-8k USD, if i'm not mistaken. I stayed in Singapore for a long while too before I move back to Jakarta. I would say the standard is not quite up to par with Singapore's but they are the top schools in town.

If I may suggest, there is a school called Mighty Minds Preschool. My children and niece go there and they love it! Their school is clean and has a friendly atmosphere. Curriculum is unique and creative. Plus, the teachers are experienced and great with the children. It's around Senayan area which is pretty much at the heart of the city.

Hope this information helps!

Thanks, pmm0202!

I have another question... Is there any good and safe accomodation near Chiltern house? I am wondering if I can walk the children to school if it is really close by. I heard about the traffic in Jakarta and is really worried about it. I have motion sickness, really don't want to be stuck in traffic for long time.

I read that it is not advisable to walk in Jakarta... Does it apply to residential area too?

Hi Lolaz, may I know which school you went with? am also considering btw chiltern house and eton.


My kids are in Chiltern now. :)

Hi Thanks for the info.. combing the net now to unrevel the mysteries of toddler education... thought it would be much simpler than college admission...

I just moved to Gading Serpong area with my 2 kids aged 2 and 5
Any ideas about schools?
There are so many and I am very confused! Have you heard of Stella Maris?

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Hi Lolaz,

Can I ask how's Chiltern for your children - any great difference between Sg and Indonesia curriculum?  My 4 year old is with Lorna Whiston in Sg and we are hoping to move to JKT.  The first on my list is Chiltern - JKT and I wonder if you mind sharing some insights on your experience thus far.  Tks much!

Lollikids Montessori Preschool and Daycare  021-72782125
Great discounts until 19th Feb 2015.

Hello sodimple,

Can you please recommend this school in the Education in Jakarta Business Directory?

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if you live nearby pakubuwono and senayan area, and you want a homey learning environment for your toddler, Julia Gabriel Centre can be an option.
i enrolled my son since he was 7 months.
Yes, they provide baby class as well. my son really enjoys the fun learning activities that they provide based on his age group. He l
in this school my kid not only learn and play, but he is encouraged to express himself confidently. he learns through story telling, toys and drama.
you can visit its website juliagabriel.id and call 29126071/72 for a free trial appointment  .
Hope my review above helps.

finding school might be easy, but finding the right school with the right environment can be a challenging one. And after a one year journey with them, i really feel that this school fills my kid's need.

I am planning to move to Indonesia this year or early next year. currently, I am working at a school district in Washington state. I am an integrated early childhood teacher (general edu mixed with special needs children). I am interested in opening a small integrated classroom in the Jakarta area. feel free to contact me if you are interested to know more. thank you.

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