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during june 25th 2017 , before the eid holiday started i was in and around november 18th street searching for a location , it was often a busy day and people were rushing , it happend i was so confused and crossed where no vehicle were moving , and there was a flash , then i realised i crossed signal and immediate some vehicles followed my vehicle in another 1 minutes... immediately i informed my boss who is omani to check on this as i was driving company vehicle . he said if its true then we will be informed . After that he had gone for some work on car related , he got details on speed on other vehicles and not on mine , he said it might have not happened . after i have checked for 2 to 3 times they said no updates i kept quite. today my boss is calling me and saying i have a fine ,which i agreed to pay but the other person who is going to pay my fine is telling that chances of jail. i am worried as i cannot ask him clearly as he does not understand english, i have no offences on traffic even the speed till now except this . so what may be the consiquences . as i have read for first timesrs ladies there might be excuse ,please advise at the earliest.


Hi deemonisha,

There's nothing really for you to worry.

You would be asked to pay a fine - the amount of which the ROP officer would decide.

You would also be a given a form written all in Arabic, which you will be asked to sign.

Since this is a first-time offence, the letter would say that in the case of any similar subsequent incidents, you can be hauled to jail.

At most, besides the fine amount your vehicle could get impounded for anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

But definitely, you will not be going to the jail - this time, at least !

What happened to your case?

Hi I want to Confirm , tonight while driving when i reached at signal it was blinking and but by the  time i realised i had already crossed the white line and it turned red , i stopped immediately at zebra crossing , didnt crossed zebra line but had already crossed White line , took little reverse bcz on back there were  more cars , couldnt take it beyound white line , i had to make it to stop on zebra crossing only , i dont know wether the camera flashed or not i didnt noticed any flash light , can anyone help me out , will i b fined or not .

It's not fined. Just ignore.

not fined...dont worry.....this happens with everyone.....

Hi Friends,
Yesterday, when i was coming from Ruwi Badr Al samma Hospital 2nd signal towards Ruwi Roundabout i was jumped red in the first signal as there was no red sign before the signal area. This is the first time i went that side. Time was around 9 pm.  I was not recognized went . After the camera clicked only, i notices this is signal area. I dont have any traffic offence so far even speed fine. And I m going vacation in 20 days. Will there be any problem in airport. Can someone help my in this by providing right information

Sometimes these kinds jump are pardoned. Check online if it is uploaded or not.

By the way if you have red signal fine you can travel and come back to pay it.

If it's first red signal offense, you will be fined a 50 OMR and thats it.dont worry abt it

Thanks Mr. jhoni for your information.
One more doubt, I heard that red signal fines will not come in ROP websites. Is it true?

It appears sometimes and sometimes not.

If its just small time jumping (1 to 15 seconds) it can be pardoned.  There is no accident and time / attitude of driving also be counted.

Thank you so much Mr.Jhoni.

Just only today I recieved that i have a red light fine in al ghubra area but as far as i know i never have a fine...and i never see any flash! i have license of dubai but the car i am using is a private car plated here in oman... can someone help me? How will i know if I really have red light fine? And how much will it cost? Will they let me exit in the oman immigration? Thank u in advance

Hi i just read ur sure are you first offense of red light only 50 OMR fine?

What happened to your case?

Hello everyone...

Today I was driving my company's vehicle near zakher mall in al khuwair and there is a junction where there are traffic lights..

While approaching the signal near zakher mall from which we can take left to get connected to express way to qurum, I could not see any lights on the traffic signal and probably it was not working and could see the cars in front of me crossing it so even I decided to cross...but as soon as I crossed the signal, the opposite signal got green and cars started moving, so I stopped in between and then went far as I remember there was no flash on the camera...but due to the confusion I could've even missed out .
Again I am now skeptical whether the signal was working or not....and I couldn't even verfiy as their were no cars behind me..

I have Never crossed a red signal and this incident happened around 12:40 pm today..

Can we verify whether the signal was working or not? Or what can be the consequences ?

Hello good evening
Today when i was coming back home from ruwi Muscat .I passed ruwi around crossing signal at amber light because on that signal no green light flashing just after green it turn to amber .when I crossed signal camera flashed .I want know what will be punishment
It happen first time with me.

I had the same incident but there was no camera flash... and i am leaving to India within one two weeks... i was coming from Ghala and took left turn towards matrah but actually i want to go to Darzait Lulu... when i took left turn the left signal was in red.. the fact is the whole three other lines were stopped due to our turn.... is it going to be a fine or?
I am worried a bit.. coz of my travel.. shall i go directly to police station and ask for the same or? Could anyone help or advise me on this?

I jumped a red signal today, this is my first time
Like how all the signals have a free right
The signal in Gubra
At 18th November street
Has a signal on the right turn
This was first time going from this road
And I was looking out for the cars on the road that I was joning on my left and didn’t look forward at the signal and it flashed and I was already half way across the on the road
And instead of stopping and going back and waiting
I continued to drive
Can someone tell me is this really really bad? Or I don’t have much to worry about?

Can any one help me

Yesterday i was driving from qurm to muscat.

I crossed signal when yelow light

I didnot seen any camera lights

Is there any fine?

Camera light come from front or back?

In rop site when it will publish

Pls tell me

In signal i crossed yelow signal and went

Is there any fine?

I didnt seen camera light

Camera light comes from front or back

Anyone can help me

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