Which country is best for family Asylum?

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From your forum information, it says that you're in Italy.  How I understand the asylum system, is that everyone has the right to asylum, but you apply for asylum in the first country you land in that is safe in comparison to the country that you came from (where you and/or your family were being persecuted).  That said, I don't think you'll be able to claim asylum in another country from Italy as in general, Italy is regarded as a safe country.

That said, I understand that the EU is looking to move some asylum seekers to 3rd party countries in order to relieve the immigration pressures in Italy, so my advice would be to speak to the asylum aid-workers where you are and ask what is available for you and your family; then make a decision based on the information they provide you with.  Legal immigration is always better than the other kind.

Thanks alot sir..
Actually I from Afghanistan and every body know that our country is not safe and sound.
I did asylum here in italia and my case is still under process..
So the big problem for me is that my faimly ( my wife and my son which is almost one year old) are arrived in switzerland and they did asylum over there..  for them their first country is now switzerland so if i go over there and ask for asylum over there with my family so i dont either the deport me italia or
Allow me to live over there.. im very confused i dont know what i do know..
Replay must...

Hi Faiq,

I understand the issues regarding Afghanistan.  The problem is two-fold; first, this Forum is mainly aimed at people immigrating to other countries; secondly, we don't get many people coming asking about Asylum - the point being I don't think anybody here is equipped to offer you reliable advice, which is really what you need.

Really, all I can offer is that for you, the EU has a system called family reunification; what this means simply is that once one of you has established themselves in an EU country, you can then apply to join them under the EU rules.  For your wife, Switzerland is not a member of the EU, but I've just checked the Swiss Government website (link here), where it states:

Swiss Government Website :

For asylum seekers and recognised refugees

For the entire duration of the asylum procedure, asylum seekers may not bring family members to Switzerland under the family reunification programme.

Recognised refugees (holding a B or C permit), however, may bring family members if there are no grounds to prevent them from doing so.

Recognised refugees who hold an F permit (temporarily admitted persons) must wait at least three years after the decision granting them temporary admission status before submitting an application for family reunification for the children under 18 and their spouse. The same requirements as for permit B holders apply (living together, the apartment must be large enough, adequate financial resources).

So I guess it depends on which of you are furthest along is your asylum application, whether you meet the criteria being demanded, plus whether you honestly believe that you will be successful in your application - some are declined.

Whatever, be very wary of people who offer you "solutions", especially on Internet Forums and try and stay on the legal side.

I wish you and your wife the best of luck in your journey.

Thanks sir
I really appreciate your answer and you doing a great job
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And can you give me some site which I  can ask and search some information...

Hi Faiq,

I'm sorry to say that I have no relevant advice to offer regarding asylum seekers; the only thing I can suggest is that you stick with the legal way of doing this.

The only recent information I can find relevant to what you are asking is not good news as far as you're concerned; where EU courts have ruled against asylum seekers trying to get asylum in a different country to where they landed.  This seems to have given countries license to return the asylum seekers from where they originally came from - clearly not what you want.

With the above in mind, I can only think that you are better off devoting all your time to pursuing an asylum claim in Italy (assuming you landed there) and then using the EU reunification rules to get your wife/child to join you there, but this will all take time, probably much longer than you are hoping for.  I'd also try seeing what chances your wife has in Switzerland, although I'm assuming that as Switzerland is landlocked, she didn't land there originally, so may face problems in claiming asylum there.

All the best in your journey. :)

Hi there, I have worked closely with the refugees and the process is very complicated as each country have different rules and laws. My only advice is to contact thd Embassy state your case. I feel in this and your case they are only ones that can help.

But if you want the Embassies addresses and contact details I will only be pleased to provide.

I do wish you all the best for the future

Expert Team

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